another winner for HL2 :)

you mean WON not ONE. Oh and they didnt just win that, the awards came out a couple of days ago.
i know...but this is the site's awards....i just got it from which was updated like 2 hours ago or so
Heh. Any gaming writer who didn't say Half-Life 2 was a kickass game at E3 should be linch mobbed out of their respective yeah. They won an it possible to discuss this thread further?

They might as well announce HL2 as GOTY even though it's not out yet.
Bit off topic, but Trogdor, I'm fairly sure it's Karrek.

Yea someone find me an overall e3 awards that doesn't start

1) Half-Life 2

2) Halo 2

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HL2's gonna win tons of awards when its comes out...its gonna rock!
E3 awards are useless. They give awards to video trailers.

TF2 won it back in like 2000. Doom3 won it in previous years. The games still aren't out. Does anyone think that TF2 which won the award three years ago has much to do with what will actually be released now. It was a different engine back then.
TF2 = Team Fortress 2?

Valve recently said they won't show anything of TF2 until HL2 is released, because it will show the "secret surprises" with HL2. have just announced their nominees for best games: Half-Life 2 is up for Best of Show (woof...), Best PC Game and Best Action Game. Winners are annoucend on June 10th
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Here ya go Vert :)
Why thank you. I always demand that my Homestar quotes be accurate. Very well. Go on your way, peasants!
*people wait for reference to peasants being burninated*
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