Anybody live in the Midwest? (LAN PARTY!)



OK guys, I'm planning something for next summer (July of 2004, exact dates are unknown) that would be great fun for computer 'nerds' like myself.

I'm planning on having a LAN Party in Waukesha, Wisconsin (about 20 minutes from Milwaukee) in July. We're going to rent out a huge place, which means we can probably have upwards of 100 people there.

I'll be getting prizes for tournaments, etc, and it'll be great fun. Lots of people, only drawback is that there will probably be an entrance fee (the more ppl that come, the less the fee is) for the room and food.

I want to know if any of you would be able to drive or fly up to Wisconsin for a few days in July of 2004 to do some hardcore gaming, meet new people, and maybe win some stuff.

If you're interestetd, please let me know, I'll contact you with more details.