Anyone ever notice how huge this community is?


May 18, 2003
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There are currently 56 members and 89 guests on the boards as of July 1st, 2003 @ 10:29:50am | Most users ever online was 238 on 30-06-2003 at 01:15 PM.

I wub u all! :cheers:
I suspect the 238 people online at one time comes from the Planet Half-Life community following the link from their homepage..
Yea, but we're better, smarter, more informed, and just plain cooler than any other community.;)
not metioning any names....


that is right ain't it..?!?

/me hides from farrowlesparrow before he notices this post...

anywho, this community is quite large, but there are only a few people who post regularly and people recognise as people on here... :cheese:

for instance:

EVIL... etc
Originally posted by thenerdguy
WOW I am the 1 forum bad speller and resident hick :)

is that about you or me?!? ;(
The only thing this community can do is get bigger and stronger
oh ok, sorry alcohol, doesn't really help my spelling/typing skills or my paranoia, so I geuss I'll lay of it tomorrow... (he lies)
lol thats nothing compared to´s comunity..and thats only swedes..
How come i'm never listed on these threads? I'm sure i'm in the top 10 posters, and i never badmouth anyone (except maybe that thugenstien guy, and he ended up banned....)
I've been around here alomost as ong as everyone else!


/me stops venting

oh well.
Yea, it is getting pretty huge. Right now there are 57 users and 115 guests in the forums. I think alot of the peeps from the official forums are migrating here :)
To many ppl with too much time time on there hands :( i have to spend some of it with u losers :x
Yes, big community.

/me remembers the message board.

/me starts to cry.
I've been lurking/reading here for quite some time.

Only recently joined.
Originally posted by Majestic XII
Hmm...the forum is kinda slow today, isnt it?

Indeed, but damn, it's still alot faster than many other sites!
I think someone has been making fun of me or even stealing my ideas *Guinny* Stone *Guinny*

You cant hide from me!

P.S> If you dont understand the guinny instead of cough then you need to go to the thraed that explains it. Unfortunately sine the move around of the boards i dont know where it is.

EDIT: It feels good to be recognised :)
damn, he found me... :eek:

/me keeps perfectly still so as not to draw attention to himslef, hoping the googly eyes don't give him away... :rolling:
/me isnt a T-Rex with make believe senses.....

Im too tired to mess with you. You were lucky this time......Next time you might not be. :dork:
hmmm, just noticed the top ten posters list...

there are 52 pages with members who have not ever poster one thing on the forums... ?!?

thats about 520 people ?!? (10 people to a page)

thats alot of people....!
I dont constantly post and spam, but ive been going to this board ever since it had 200 posts, I have seniority!
These forums are the core of the Half-Life community. I'm pretty sure most of the people here have pre-ordered HL2 or will buy it on the first day. :)
Damn, if spud's register date is correct, I got seniority too! Yesssss! lol.
yeah i have been to many different hl2 forums looking for the best community, and this one is hands down the best.
I only registared in june, but I don't think I've Spammed... (that much)....most of my posts have been serious posts, take for example the Wierd Dreams Thread!?!?!
this forum community is great :), i've been in many forums and this one stands out as being one of the best.
Thats because we are all here for the same reason.
We all got something in common.
Originally posted by Stone
I only registared in june, but I don't think I've Spammed... (that much)....most of my posts have been serious posts, take for example the Wierd Dreams Thread!?!?!

I havent spammed either....No really i havent.

People think i have because of my high post count but i always post serious/interesting/funny messages not mindless crap.
yes you have farrowsparrow and you are sitting behind your pc alot more then 3 hours (when I look at your timepostings etc. :D )

btw this community will be huge when HL2 comes out... it's a shame such forums will be spoiled with cheaters, lamers and newbs...
I havent spammed. Please point out all this spam. I come and go from my computer. Not only that but i do computing at college so i might check then too.
I've registered here 3 days after the official opening of the forums :)

member #181 :E
As of right now, 113 members logged on :thumbs:

Indeed, these forum are getting huge.