ATI Pulled a Doom 3? (HL2 maybe leaked)

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It has not been leaked.... trust me... i searched all places i can think of...
Well its maybe the demo the guy at E3 did a live play on which if its only that with nothing story wise then ill jump at the chance to have a little feel for the game.
I saw two guys on irc mention that they found it and show the file name along with the file size. Seems like it's around 800mb.
800mb? Seems pretty big for the little amount of game. I suspect it's fake. If 20 minutes of levels are 800MB, the 36-48hour full game will be on like 15 CDs :X
A game is more than levels and textures, Slash.
The demo at E3 wasn't a live demo, it was a recording of a pre-played demo.
can someone PM me when they find it or tell me the irc server :D....sorry but i'm just to desparate to let this opertunity pass
Originally posted by Cid
The demo at E3 wasn't a live demo, it was a recording of a pre-played demo.
I believe at the end there was a live bit,which was mentioned in a few articles, but basically every other bit was pre-recorded.
Yeah they played the "Bug Bait" demo in real time on a Dell PC.
Thats rite !!
They were surley some stupid n00bs that wanned attention...
There's NO demo , it's just a _video_ demonstration..

When VALVe showed HL2 @E3 they showed everyone a _movie_ they have maid... They _did not_ play live @ e3..

And if there should be a " playable " version of hl2 in the computer VALVe had on E3, no one could steal it.

Imagine yourself at E3, very crowded, and so on.. How the f00k are you able to go to the VALVe box , take the pc when the VALVe guys ( and the other 1000ppls ) is near you?

I think you will be very noticed, carry around a big computer. ....

So, if no one of the test guys @ VALVe leaked it out ( wich they have'nt ) there is no playable demo..

DOOM3 got leaked out by this: iD Software gave the demo version of DOOM3 to a number of Graphics makers ( like ATI, NVIDA and so on ) and one of these employers did leak the shit out.. And it costed them servral of cash ..

They played the prison level live after the presentation :O But no, there is no leak... Just movies.. god damn it all :p
lol.....indeed, just a demo....You guys are hostile...;)

I dont know why some people say "Oh...I wouldnt play a demo of wouldnt be worth it!!". I bet ANY of you would kill at the chance of playing ANY form of HL2 demo. Even if its just an empty room with no weapons or anything. You'd be like "WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO look at me!! Im playing HL2"

Anyone searched Direct connect, Donkey or kazaa ?
or maybe even
i personally see no trace :dozey:
Head Crab is soo right, my friends would be so jealous watching me play HL2...wee baby
the HL music was really scary if u turned that option on..
It's non-existant. I'm going to close this thread before someone posts a link and some poor fool downloads 700MB of something nasty.
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