Early Half-Life 2 screenshots from Retro Gamer's article


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Jun 11, 2004
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The latest issue of Retro Gamer magazine features "The Making of Half-Life 2" - an article by Paul Walker-Emig, including interviews from Valve veterans, David Speyrer and Viktor Antonov. The piece includes exclusive screenshots from the game's development and it is a fantastic insight for any Half-Life fan. You can buy the magazine from My Favourite Magazine.

We've been in touch with Paul who has provided us with the original screenshots from the magazine, along with two other unpublished screenshots. We'd like to thank Paul and Retro Gamer for their help.

Screenshot #1 (borealis_full_010000)

The engine room of the famous icebreaker Borealis when it was present in the game. The player is equipped with an ice axe, a cut melee weapon.

Screenshot #2 (Danger Ted)

During the game's development, there was a time when the player was able to glue physics objects together. This gave birth to the "Danger Ted Construction Set". They had the Citizen model based on former Valve artist Ted Backman in the middle of a desert level, and there was nothing but cars, canisters, and other miscellaneous objects. The developers used Backman's body in humorous physics experiments. This map can be found in the leaked WC map pack, inside David Sawyer's folder. David Speyrer uses a cropped version of the screenshot as his profile picture on Steam Community.

Screenshots #1 (borealis_full_010000) and #2 (Danger Ted)​

Screenshot #3 (d1_town_040062)

The church area in Ravenholm with the early incarnation of Fast Zombies. The background looks different.

Screenshot #4 (seafloor0000)

You may remember this map from the E3 2003 demonstration Coastline. The demo begins near a wreck of a submarine, a railway, and a lighthouse on a dried up seafloor. They appear to be taken from the wasteland themed map with the Depot, as seen in "Danger Ted" above. The player drives the buggy through the docks area from the final game.

Screenshots #3 (d1_town_040062) and #4 (seafloor0000)​



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