Ati R-360


Jun 26, 2003
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When i build a new computer for HL2 I want somthing that will run it VERY nice and not have any lag at all. I was wondering if I should go with the R-360 card that is supposed to come out later summer/fall. I have heard that Valve will release something that is basically a high Poly version of the game with better graphics and things and I am hoping that something like the R-360 will be able to run that pretty nicely.

If there are any cards coming out just after HL2's release, a month at the most, can you tell me what they are so I can do a little research on it.

1. Better things? No. They will simply release updates that add higher polys when the hardware is available. The game will take advantage of the R360 at the moment anyway, they're talking about in the future. Like the 2004-2005 chipsets. The new cards coming out this fall won't show any difference than the 9700-9800 out now, except give you a few more fps, which isn't even recognizable, or worth the money. Get a 9700, you'll be set for a long long time. Or, if your that picky, a 9800.