Surprisingly enough, in the one HL2 video showcasing the different allies you have and their AI, did anyone else notice that Barney is wearing one of the combine uniforms? Does this mean that he switched sides for a bit, or was it an undercover thing?..

Some speculation would be nice.
My guess is that the uniform hes wearing is the military uniform.

I bet he saw you and changed sides back becuase he remembers you from black mesa. And now hes had military training hes no longer cannon fodder like be4.

Thats just my guess thou.
Maybe he is in a underground organization to free City 17, they take undercover as soldiers until a hero shows up to side with. Just what I think...
barney must have gone through a major plastic surgery since the last game... :cheese:
Heres a pic of a Combine soldier...


As you can see, they both have that armor and if you look closely, they both have red armbands. The only difference I see is that Barney has some kind of neck protector....

Im not going to post the pic of Barney I have though since Its not allowed ;(
I can get one from the movie via ripping a single frame in quicktime.
i believe it says something on back of Barney' cloth.
MAybe the white "dudes" are a militia group from city 17...
Originally posted by Laguna
MAybe the white "dudes" are a militia group from city 17...

perhaps, crazy scientists? well.. maybe not.
what ever they are, they are alien for sure (yellow blood)