Bump Maps from polys


May 29, 2003
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I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not we can create a bump map from the model for HL2. I ask because I'm dinking with that drop ship and I don't want to model a bunch of details thinking I'll be able to extract the bumpmap and then have it turn out I have to paint it grayscale. So.. anyone know?
I think you should e-mail gabe for that. I think he can bette answer your question

look at the valve website for his e-mail adres
I would assume it would be a lot like 3DS Max 5. You use a texture map, then use that same image file and use it as a bump map.
nah.. he is asking if he needs to do it the doom3 way or the normal bumpmap way. (Normal map or bumpmap)
you have to use both.. normal map and bump map.. bump maps just make the detail on the normal maps stand out more.
not so, bump maps and normal maps are different, they could be combined but there would be no use. The difference is this: bump-maps store the hight of each pixel, so that the 'angle' can be determined and the texture can be shaded with respect to that angle (the local chance in hieght)

A normal map just stores the angle of each pixel (what the slope is at each point of the texture)

in my opinion normal maps are better, as they contain more useeful information than bump maps. They are harder to draw however. I hope HL2 will use normal maps (doom3 does)

here is a good article on the difference bwetween the tow, it also contains links on how to generate normal maps from models (as the original post asked)

its better to combine them.. using normal maps for the raw shape and the bumpmaps for small dent's in the skin etc, or to create the detailed woonds. just look @ the DooM³ monsters. they have a normal map for the raw shape and they use bumpmaps for the smaller details