Ca-razy Fast Postage


Pajama Sam

Jesus ppl post like 2 min after you post...damn good community...cant wait to see how big it is once the game is released...
Yup. I'm glad I got in this early so I might have a semi official lookin' status when HL2 comes out, lol.
yeah, lucky we joined early. i saw a link on some site that said "a half-life 2 website up!" and i was like OMG THIS IS THE FIRST and i joined. turns out that that news had only been up for about an hour, so i was one of the first. pretty soon the number of members here will be in the thousands...
man... i post, leave for 10min to take a piss and eat some food, come back and ppl have already responded hahaha

cant wait to start moddin this puppy :D