Cdkey In Use


Jun 24, 2003
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"cd key in use, please try again later"

I had this problem earlier, and after a while i saw:
"you've been banned from all secure servers until balblabla"

I never cheated, but i didnt want to wait, so i bought halflife AGAIN.

Now i have "cd key in use" ...AGAIN....

Why the f*ck can't valve organise this mess?

Halflife 1 just lost me as a player.. ( as if valve cares)

Edit: I just didnt have the cdkey in use problem, but when i now join a server, i read something like:
"due to memory corruption you are disconnected. If you do not resolve this problem you risk to be banned from all secure servers"

Tnx m8, ( altough i don't have steam installed)
I only got the message once, now i can still get on servers, but i wonder if they only give the message you'll still be banned because you haven't solved the "problem"
i read this on cs nation dunno if its got out to dow if it
but though i should share just incase

[Cs Nation]
Well, I got word there's a new VAC module out that has several new cheat detections. That's the good news. The bad news is that anyone using WineX under Linux won't be able to connect to secure servers. That's the bad news. The good news though is that VALVe is working with Transgaming Technologies to fix this issue. Finally, the last piece of good news is that your servers will restart automatically and that this post is finally at an end.