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Jun 30, 2003
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Well, I have latley been getting alot of requests to post exatly the story of LoS, and what it will include, gameplay types, etc, so I have decided to start a new thread describing completley from head to toe what will be featured in Liberation of Seoul, so please take the time to read the following.

Liberation of Seoul, a Korean War based modification, will have all the historicaly accurate vehicles, weapons, nations, and theaters as featured in the Korean war. Gameplay types will include the features that will be available in vanilla HL2, such as Conquest, and Co-op, and some more origional gametypes not often seen, such as Capture the Flag, and Search and destroy.

Nations will include all historically accurate nations that fought in the war, from the United Nations and Republic of China, down to the Ethiopian Nationilsts, who only assisted in a single battle.

The modification will, in the first versions include only multiplayer, although we definatley plan on implimenting a single player version asap.

You may think to yourself "Is it possible to do this with the Source engine?". To simply answer your question, yes, it is possible. There has been alot painstaking hours of research, emailing, and "back-rubbing" involved getting an appropriate answer to this, but it will most definatley be possible to impliment any vehicle, ranging from Submersible/amphibious vehicles, to high flying CH-34 Chickasaws.

Folks, we dont want to be in a race with other modifications, to try and come out with some "l337" mod, faster than the next team. We, and I speak for the team of Liberation of Seoul want to be the modification to come out with one of the best mods, be it not faster than the "l33t''s. We honestly hope to be as great, and high quality modification as Day of Defeat, or Counter-Strike, and we are very willing to put fourth the hours of effort needed!

If you would like to assist the team in any way be, shape or form; modeling, texturing, coding, etc..., please contact me via three modes:
AIM: Slypieee
ICQ: 153065319
MSN/EMAIL: [email protected]
Below is listed the near-complete list of modeling of the Vehicles, and Weapons that will be implimented.


United States
- B-26 Invader (IN PROGRESS)
- F-86 Sabre (IN PROGRESS)
- F-84 Thunderjet (IN PROGRESS)
- B-47 Stratojet
- S-55 Chicksaw(helicopter)
- S-51(helicopter)
- CH-34(helicopter)

- P-51 Mustangs
- Fairey Firefly Mk 1
- Gloster Meteor F.Mk 8 (IN PROGRESS)

Northern Korea
- Ilyushin IL-2 Stormovik (IN PROGRESS)
- Yak-9P
- Lavochkin La-9

Republic of China
- Ilyushin IL-2 Stormovik (IN PROGRESS)
- Yak-9P
- Lavochkin La-9
- AN-2
- IL-28


United States
- M-46 Patton
- Medium Tank M26 Pershing
- Light Tank M-24 Chaffee
- M41 155mm
- M-8 Armored Car (IN PROGRESS)
- DUKW Landing Craft (IN PROGRESS)

- Centurion Medium Mk-5
- Churchill VII Infantry Tank (IN PROGRESS)
- Cromwell A27M (IN PROGRESS)
- Comet A34 Heavy Cruiser

Northern Korea
- T34/85 (reskin) (medium tank) (IN PROGRESS)
- IS-2 (Heavy Tank) (IN PROGRESS)
- CA-30
- Ural M72

Republic of China
- T34/85 (reskin) (medium tank)(IN PROGRESS)
- IS-2 (Heavy Tank)(IN PROGRESS)
- CA-30
- Ural M72
United States
- M1911A1 .45 Caliber Pistol
- M1903A1 Sniper Rifle
- US Rifle Caliber .30 M1 Garand
- M1 .30 Caliber Carbines
- Thompson M1928 calibre 11.43mm
- M1918A2 BAR w/ bipod
- US Hand Grenades
- Bazooka M9A1 2.36in Rocket Launcher
- 60mm M19 Mortar
- MACHINE GUN : M1919A4 .30 Caliber Air Cooled Machine Gun

- Enfield Mk II .38 Revolver
- Lee-Enfield .303 British Rifle
- No. 4 Mk I (T) Enfield Sniper Rifle
- Mk. II Sten Gun
- Bren .303in Mark IV Light Machine Gun
- Bazooka M20 3.5in Rocket Launcher
- US Grenade
- 81mm M1 Mortar
- MACHINE GUNS: Vickers .303in Water-Cooled MG

Nortern Korea
- Tokarev
- Japanese 7.7mm WWII Model 99 rifle
- PPSh 41
- Simonov SKS Carbine
- PPS43
- Mosin-Nagent M91/30 sniper-rifle
- Type 56 RPG (anti tank)
- Communist 120mm Mortar
- Communist Grenade
- MACHINE GUNS : Maxim M1910 calibre 7.62mm (with shield)

Republic of China
- Tokarev
- Japanese 7.7mm WWII Model 99 rifle
- PPSh 41
- Simonov SKS Carbine
- PPS43
- Mosin-Nagent M91/30 sniper-rifle
- Type 56 RPG (anti tank)
- Communist 120mm Mortar
- Communist Grenade
- MACHINE GUN: Japanese 7.7mm Heavy Machine Gun Type 92
One thing we lack, as you can see from the above; we lack a weapons modeler. If there is anyone out there who would be at all interested in helping us with weapon modeling, please stand out. If you are worried about credit, there is no worry needed, as all credit goes to the maker of their creation.
I wish you luck with the mod... :)

I hate (world)war mods cause I already play EoD and Desert Combat mods with the bf192 engine :)
whoa, lots of info there, looks like you have it all planned out really well, I wish you good luck with your mod good sir :)
Thank you all for the support! I am already on a "Talent search", and I have gotten a pm from alot of people wanting to be on the beta. LoL, I have to tell them there is no beta yet though!
One thing, about the web site. We do not have one up at the moment because we lost our previous hosting when we moved from the Battlefield 1942 egine, to the Source engine. We are currently looking for a new Half life affiliated site, to host a server for us, so we can get back online!
wow... that's a lot of vehicles... in what way's do you anticipate their use in the multiplayer arena? do you expect that these vehicles will be a major focus of combat?? If not, how do you propose to enable the individual character-soldier to be able to compete, arrayed against this kind of, well, 'heavy artillery'??

I'm not really a follower of the war-simulation type game, so it's possible that these questions have been handled adaquetly (i know that's spelled wrong :( ) before in other games, I'm just curious about how the dynamics of the multiplayer engagement will be with such an extensive use of vehicles...

Besides that, well, it sounds very interesting... I hope it works out! Good luck! :E

Q. in what way's do you anticipate their use in the multiplayer arena?
A. The use of such vehicles, arrying both on ground, and aloft, can be put very simple. The word you use "Arena" I dont care for, because it makes it sound like it is boxed up in a tiny configuration. I like to use the word "Theater", simply because it sounds...larger! We have word that the "theaters" in HL2 will be able to have a scale of a large, even great magnitude! Theaters, upto, and even bigger than those seen in such games as Battlefield 1942.

Q. do you expect that these vehicles will be a major focus of combat?
A. For such maps as Inchon: Green, red, or Blue beaches, vehicles are a definate must, for the amphibious invasion led by the UN forces. Other maps, IE: Operation BumbleBee, a massive helicopter assault(the first in the world, of its kind) Is led by a swarm of CH-34 Chickasaws, launching off of a sea borne aircraft carrier. There will also be theaters involved, such as Chosin Resivoir or Thanya Valley, that will have a full scale infintry battle, with only few, lighter armoured ground vessels to assist.

I hope this answers your questions to the best. If you have any more, please let me know.
Update: I have gotten 2 pm's from members of this board wanting to help Beta test! People, LoL. We cannot let you beta test, if there is not a beta TO test. We need those models before we can hand you a fresh polished beta release, even an alpha release, at that!
-FP- LoS, your comment is wrong. HL2 will allow a maximum map size of 16384, while it is possible for BF1942 maps to go much further than that, it just isnt good for gameplay, nor FPS.
Are you absolutley positive of this? I was given word that it would most definayley be able of producing maps with that size. Even if not, 16384 is adaquate size.
making a 4 mile map(cubed) will cause lag on any non-big server(big as in ones they use for professional use), and its really bad for gameplay that will be in most games like this. especially if you make it one city, or something like that.

and bf1942 can make maps bigger than the real world, it will just be flat, or oceans + flat land.
-FP- LOS: Since I haven't recieved any PMs from any Mods but still see that the 20+ thread in this forum (about this MOD) has been deleted, I can only come to the conclusion that you enforced your own 'liberty for...some' upon who and who may not write anything on this forum.

Nice one.
Games often use different scales, so 16384 in HL2 may be much larger then anything in BF1942. You would have to know the exact scales of each game to figure out which has larger maps.
I've made a weapon model for this mod. I dubbed the gun


It is a joke, and youre not going to understand it if you havent been on the hl2 irc channel on qnet.
Hehe, ok.

Fp-LoS was spamming on irc how much he needed a modeller. So I said I could make him a weapon.

So I made something utterly stupid, a hairy gun with flames. And uploaded a render. Some people actually thought it was a serious attempt too...

Anyway, I figured I could pimp it here.
Hehe cool stuff. Keep up the good work!

Is your contract with LoS exclusive or are you available to other mods??? ;)
Hehe, I don't have a contract. And I'm not planning to sign one either. At least not as a modeller, I have other "talents" I choose to pursue instead.
he is saying your mod is crap, and just spams for modellers

LoS spams too much
Or is that what you think? But I do think FP does spam too much for modelers because the fact is is that we do need modelers.