Cost of a Domain Name...

What would you pay for a domain name

  • $0 - FREE - You should give me a free domain name

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • $8.50

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • $10

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • $15

    Votes: 2 22.2%

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After chatting with EVILness on irc....

Began to think what is the appropiate price to sell a domain name for?

Ie. what would you guys pay for it... rather than goin to places like or goddaddy or namecheap...


Cheap ($8.50)
Nice round number... ($10) (ma fav)
or... $15

is there such thing as a 100% pure free .com name ?
You don't exactly explain what you are asking. I assume you mean purchasing the rights to an unhosted domain.

Purchasing a domain name for a year or two was $75 or $100 when I last did it, which is reasonable. Prevents people from going nuts registering silly crap. Doesn't prevent companies from doing it though. Now that you can do it for $35, even $15-20 bucks, people will be creating lots of useless stuff.

You would have to pay someone to host/hold the name for you in addition to that. Some hosting companies will host/hold names for free if you do other business with them. Most of the domain registries bundle it now to give themselves another profit avenue.
no no, i not mean it like that

When did you buy a domain for $100. OMG! that was a long time ago

I sell domains, i get them v cheap also. just over $7.

So... trying to decide what price i should sell domains to people on (if anyone wants to buy a domain)... I was thinkin $10 a domain a year.

(o and i have bout 8 servers for hosting...)
I purchased domains for a couple years, different companies, going back to say 1997. Back then it was just Network Solutions, and you still had to get a separate DNS server to be the SOA, it wasn't included.
I voted for $10. its a nice round number. And I expect a quality service for that price (altrough selling domains isnt axactly a money making buisness). Easy controllpanel for controlling your domain. and good help support

I personally dont really like godaddy.. its to "bulk" for me. It gives me a feeling that they dont really care. I like the more personal domain name sellers.
why buying domains when you can have a nice, short dyndns account? seriously.
I use for registering domains - one of the cheapest UK companies I've seen, and more reliable than places like ukreg.
wow that sounds cheap kman :)
I voted $10, maybe Ill even buy a name from ya :D

but if I were u I woul do it for $15 (heck I would even pay $20)