Hi boys and girls, you probably notied Im new to this forums (Made my first post yesterday) but I'm not new to game playing and modding so you might see some more of me :cheese:
Im currently finalizing the design for a mod I and my fellow team members have been discussing and toying around with for awhile. With the show at E3 the other week it left us with no doubt as to what game this mod will be for- Half-life 2 (source engine). The name of the mod is Devolve, it will be multi-player, it will have 3 weapons and 3 vehicles, it will be out of the Half-life uniserve, it is team based, and it will probably be a total converstion (with we have the man power). Thats all I can really say right now, we're going to wait till we are far into development before we get a hype going.
We're currently look for a concept artist (so i dont have to do it, im too F*cking busy doing most the work atm), a texture artist and a sound artist- then our team i full. If you apply to help I will ask for an example of your work and the names of previously worked on mods, as we don't have any room for time wasters (mod leaders will know what im talking about im sure).
Apply by E-mailing me at [email protected]

I've attached a peace of concept art that I did for one of the vehicles, enjoy
sorry the file was too big to attach :)
had to shrink and and reduce the colours ect, but here it is attached
enjoy :p
Some feed back would be welcome its my first peace of vehicle concept art i've done.
P.S. I know im not a good concept artist but its just an idea of what the content will be like and how the mod will look in general.
Funnily enough, people might want to know a little about the mod before joining your team......

EDIT: Like the concept art btw, it's quite good, has info too :)
I realise that but I dont want to release too mcuh untill we have shots and stuff to show. Wont be too long as we have several models done or almost done so I might get some modeled n skinned renders up very soon
Ah, so you are using the old 'Don't tell em anything and they'll come running' stratagy.....:p you won't have shots until at least the end of august, and thats if your coder goes mad and does all the work very fast......
hehehe no I was talking more in the way of renders and stuff.
Im not doing it to get peeps running I just dont have the time to deal with the public side of it at the moment and with out it we can concentrate on the game more. Also some of the ideas are really good and I know for a fact other people would use them in their HL2 mods, so if we do this first other people wont be able to :)
Yeah, thats fair enough, in my team's mod, I'm the coder, so I don't have anything to do, so I do PR, come check out either of my current projects, it would be nice to hear another informed opinion.... (my being Operation Everlasting Shadow and Grate Expectations) :) thanks, and I wish you the best of luck with this, even tho it is a multiplayer mod....:p
yeah same to you as well mate, it takes alot to get a mod out so every modder needs the luck :cheers: