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  • Hey badg'y how are you? ave you stayed in school? :) been so long was good to see you post... not enough originals come back.
    Holy must be at least 10 years since we spoke last. Cant believe I've stumbled across you. [si]Fox was my stupid nick back then. You probably wont remember, 10 years is a long time. But regardless, its good to see your alive and well still by the looks. xD

    If you do remember by some chance my mail is [email protected], it would be great to speak with you again after all this time.
    Tc dude.
    Wow, where the **** have you been man?

    At least, I haven't noticed you around.
    Comrade! Holy crap, man. Things have certainly changed here. You're a mod now, I would be impressed if that really meant anything. ;) Hit me up on Messenger some time. Maybe we can catch up.
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