Does anyone feel this way?


May 19, 2003
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Ive grown up playing doom and duke nukem but never really became a big fan of the internet or online games until HL. I was in 6th grade at the time and a magazine...i think pc gamer or computer games magazine came in the mail to my dad and I remember seeing the first exclusive preview of Half Life and my mouth was dropped. From the screens of the headcrabs, to the ingame action, to the marine grunts. When i first played it it was like no other experience i had ever had and i was addicted to the single player playing it non stop until i finally beat it. I then got pulled into the multiplayer action by accidently clicking the tab and didnt know what the hell i was doing, i finally got into the online gameplay and was up to 4am on some weekend nights and even sneaking out of my room on school nights to my parents computer to play it online. When i started playing cs at beta 3 i became even more crazy about the game. I am now almost a junior in highschool and i dont play games that much anymore except ps2 every once in awhile and maybe ravenshield, cs, the specialists, and bfield. I use to love playing it though and now i just have kinda lost feelings for most games out now....i really do hope HL2 changes this for me and even if it does i dont think it will be a big change for me just because. Does anyone feel this way or use to?
I know the feeling. No games are as revolutionary as Halflife seemed to be. It's just blah blah etc. I just went and started/finished halflife 2 days ago to see if it still has what it used to.
I can't really see it as much anymore. But still, I'm willing to wait. If Half-life 2 bombs out, then so might I (from the gaming scene).
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how bout u just go, like , cry or somthn

I only hope that Half-Life 2 keeps the original Half-Life tradition. It better or...
The only shoot 'em up that I have ever played is half life. I watched a friend of mine play Wolfenstein 3d back in the day but I never got into it. Now, I guess about 10 years later another friend convinces me to play opposing force on line. I have been adicted to it for about 8 months now, playing all hours of the night. I just stated the single player 3 days ago and now I'm hooked on it.

So, in summation, I suppose I'm the opposite. I never cared for games, and now I'm addicted.
geez, this is one unfriendly forum...thanks to all the non-assholes though. Yeah i really hope HL2 changes gaming and my perspective of games and how i feel towards them.
Well ive been playing games since the days of Pong and Space invaders and HL1 was one of the stand out games over my 20 year playing 'career' so to speak. Although single player wise it doesnt even come close to the time I invested into the BBC Micro version of Elite.... :cool:
Ive been playing games since I was a Weeee Littel 2 year Old.
Ahhh... brings back memories remembering the first Video game I ever owned and played. It was the First Super Mario Bros. That was the game that got me hooked even when I was 2 years old.

Cheers to the first video game you ever played... :cheers:
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geez, this is one unfriendly forum...
Can't have your hopes set too high here. After all what purpose do this forums have? The game won't be out for 5 months still. Not like there is anything meaningful going on. If this were an active forum on playing/mapping/modding you would know who was a useful contributor and who was just here to have a cool avatar and post lost of signatures.

I'm not a gamer. Never have been. Sure I played Doom II, and I used play a lot of games on the Coleco. I have a handful of games, Heavy Gear, Get Medievil, Dark Reign, Jedi Knight...and well Half-Life. That's it. I get bored with them. I find the technical of how they work more interesting than the game. The first time I played half-life was online deathmatch. Oddly enough a guy from Canada introduced me to it while I was working in Switzerland (i'm from US). When I saw the jump that had happened I got a little hooked. I always sucked playing it but still enjoyed it. I had the game a few months before I actually played SP. I never went wild for CS, too sniper-driven for me. TFC was my favorite, more true teamwork on a well designed map. NS is pretty cool. I find building the map is more attention holding than playing though.
I find building the map is more attention holding than playing though.

i totaly agree :)

For myself, i like gaming... when i start i can't an addiction :)

think ill play HL again :)
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I am a gamer sinds doom1, and I am a Multiplayer Gamer sinds Quake 3 (I know.. I am a little late). When I got Quake3 I was kinda forced to play it Multiplayer. because I got my Cable connection around that time, so I was kinda Forsed into the Multiplayer world. I never liked CS so i never played HL online, untill resently I notised all this HL2 stuff.. I was like .. OMFG (like the most of us :)) so I was all in the mood for Halflife again so i played the SP a couple of times. and after that i treyed my first match of HL DM. I notised that there where soo many good players around.. but I still managed to get on 3th place in the first matches. I am really looking forward to HL@ SP and MP. I hope the psychics and the Weapons (manipulator) can give me loads of fun.
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geez, this is one unfriendly forum...thanks to all the non-assholes though. Yeah i really hope HL2 changes gaming and my perspective of games and how i feel towards them.

so true..people always feel attacked by some1 who actually has a oppinion and doesnt just spam the forum with silly comments.

And I feel the same..nothing is good enough to hold my attention as long as hl did...I kinda liked planetside but thats way to exspensive ;(