Dota 2: Fall 2016 Battle Pass Released


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May 29, 2007
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Following the announcement of the Boston Major tournament for Dota 2 earlier this week, Valve have released the Fall 2016 Battle Pass, which acts as both an event Compendium and additional gameplay incentives. For £5.99 / $7.99, the Fall 2016 Battle Pass features many of the same features and item types as the one used to fund The International, only with a smaller level cap and fewer rewards.
Returning features to the Battle Pass include leveling, quests, match wagering, achievements, the community Battle Cup, and event-specific items such as terrain types, taunts, wards, couriers, and cosmetic sets. With only 60 levels available in total, the Fall 2016 Battle Pass features four different treasure types and four courier styles, meaning there'll definitely be a lot less long-term progression this time around. This fact is further cemented by the lack of gems available on the store, something which previously allowed users to artificially boost their pass level for more items if they wanted to splash a little bit more cash.

Unlike the Battle Pass released annually for The International, seasonal Battle Passes such as this one do not actually contribute towards the prize pool of a major tournament in any direct fashion, meaning you're only really buying access to the rare items and gameplay incentives rather than to support the professional competitive scene.

That said, we've already picked up our Battle Pass and are ready to begin adventuring with it tomorrow, what about you?