Private Snafu

May 28, 2003
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I finished (or at least have preliminary version) of the TNT Bundle.
Have a look:
looks nice (I wont comment about the texture this time ;)) anyway. I think it would be possible to have some sort of matrass propperties to the fuse in hl2. so that it bends naturally. that would bee cool
Yeah, i had a similiar thoughts about the fuse. And you don't need to comment on the texture. I know it looks like crap. :p
I'm trying to find a good way to render it (the map for the TNT is really huge, but gmax just doesn't want to show it in a hi res format.
yeah I know.. Gmax can be pretty anoying. maby you should try the free XSI version
I didn't say i using Kazaa did I? I said "Getting it". That could mean anything. For all you know I could be on the discreet site ordering it online. Never thought of that didja!?!? NO! YOU HAD TO MAKE THE ASSUMPTION THAT I WAS ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADING SOFTWARE!!! YOU CAME STRAIGHT OUT AND ACCUSSED ME!!!

Hopefully, this version will work better than the last one i downloaded. Oops! NM
LOL 3dmax is great! but i am going to move over to XSI when i get my new pc :)
sorry for quickly accusing you, :) but thats how 50% of non-corperate people get it. :)
Originally posted by SidewinderX143
.. thats how 50% of non-corperate people get it. :)
Probably more like 75%. And quite a few of them steal them from corporate.
XSI has uber raw power, I got the XSI|EXP, man oh man... just getting to grips with the interface, keyboard commands and different ways they handle modeling.
Im a max user, been using max for ages... so the transition to XSI is basically the equevalent to starting from scratch. (the learning curve is a lil steep) but if your new to using it (like me) dont get discouraged, it honestly seems to be the most powerful piece of software I have seen since... well. 3dsmax5 hehe.

its such an awesome experience though.
get xsi|exp as soon as possible, I can definately see it replacing max as 3d modeling "must have".
I still like working in max though :)
i wish the exp wasn't limited.... it'd be nice if they released the full versionf ro free :)