E3 High Res - the whole shebang

I wonder if it has any new footage compared with the 20min 260mb demo ?

Hope it does:flame:
Oh Sweet!

/me kisses Fileplanet subscription!
whoever makes this file avalable can have my first born child....
remember kiddies!, if someone gets it plz tell us if it has any new footage!!
I'm downloading it as we speak :bounce:

Had t' get it from Brazil and it's going at 50kb/s :(
500 mb is pretty frickin' big - but methinks it won't be anything new....but let us know.....


20 mins till its done here.. going at 150 kb/sec

Edit: Who wants to host it for me?

Update: DONE! Watching movie now
Originally posted by pandawan
500 mb is pretty frickin' big - but methinks it won't be anything new....but let us know.....


Well, most of the other videos I have (about 10 of them) add up to around 260mb, so even if this doesn't have anything new, it will be real good quality :cheese:

All done.. was amazing.. it was very high res and had a few minutes of extra footage

For example: Movie 1.. when it ends there is a short movie with gordon on the docks hitting aliens with his crowbar..

Movie 2.. the ending to movie 2 is him with a grenade at hand.. but in this version it doesnt end there.. he jumps down an alleyway and finds a few aliens.. this is the first time ive seen him use the spas-12 against aliens other then that flying thing then he crouchs under a fan like thing and turns it on.. it rips them all up :) if anyone wants to host ill send um the movie..

all the other extra footage i forgot.. if there is any.. hmm.. gonna have to watch it again :D
someone's gotta host this baby!!...(thank god for broadband :D)
sweet!!! - I'll be back in about 12 hours looking for this bad boy!!!!

bigass 500mb shebang mofo

hey guys

have u guys got the file from public websites? or 'gettable' for an average Joe?
How about that Brazil DL?

I've so far, me being behind the time a little, got a few of the 9 e3's .mov's floating around - but this file sounds MUCH better even if it's the same video, encoded better.

btw 4 the site mod's - i'm new here and wanna say it's looking real nice, everything working fine and fast....

linkage? si?

Cool! 45 more minutes untill mine is done. I'll quite happily send to anyone who wants it once I got it, too.

Chocolatewalk - Welcome to the forums, im new too. :cheese:

The movie is available from fileplanet for subscribers (yes that costs money). No doubt it will be hosted somewhere for free soon though (although im not quite sure how, half a GB a piece would use up a ridiculous amount of bandwidth).