yes i was wondering if the e3 was open too all or jsut site/programmer ppl. i knew about e3 for a while now i jsut didn;t know if i could if i wanted to or not
Yeah I was wondering that too, do you need connections with the gaming industry to go? I read somewhere you did, but im not too sure.
i think what it means is that none under the age of 18 will allowed, but if u are over 18 and got a package in advanced u can. what they are saying is that u can;t jsut go pay for a day then go in or jsut go for free. u ahev to get tickets in advacned and be over 18 to get in?.
So.. General Public, meaning - Those who do not own tickets.
well perhaps..
but "not open to general public" sounds alot like its for selected people only..
but on the other hand, ive heard about "normal" people who have attended the expo
First i thought that no public people were allowed, but then I heard some guys who came in.. so I dont know really..
you can get in but basic cost is $375 for all 3 days...
You can go to e3 for that price, but you can only stay on the show floor, no conferences or anything(meaning people who just purchased tickets never saw the Halo 2 trailer or anything:dozey: )
i believe the show floor is the trailers and sections. everything else is indepth and metting the teams.
i may even be goign next year :) a great my and my step-dad bonding time
If you are over 18, you can get in by paying for a pass, or by recieving an invite.
If you are under 18, apparently you can get in by a special invitation only, though i have never seen anyone under 18 at the show.

I got 2 invites this year, but couldnt afford to get there :(
If you want to get an attendee badge you need to have proof of some kind of connection to the interactive entertainment industry. That means you could be a buyer for Best Buy, or some other bussiness, you could also have your own retail store or internet site that sells these products. They ask for two forms of proof (such as, tax forms, pay check reciept etc.) of employment. If you want to find out exactly you can probably get a form from e3expo.com that explains it.

Anyway that being said it's pretty easy to get a pass even if you don't work for one of these places. Just say you own a small business, get corprate checks and write them to yourself. That's one way. Also you can try to sneak in, when I was there I had 3 people come in and see me. I just gave them a friends badge, got them in, then they gave it back.

Also our group got a bunch of free tickets because a guy at our college called and got us student passes.

As for going to the confrences anyone with general admitance can if they're willing to pay for it, however it's very expensive.

Also, just so you know, every pass has a company name and job on it as well as your name so you can't just be some unemployed guy with 375 bucks.
I saw one person who was clearly under 18, I think like 14 or so, saw a few others that may have been under 18. Still I don't know how they get in but I heard from some of the more veteran E3 goers in our group that they DO get in. A pure guess would be that they may be with the exhibitors, for example children of the heads of companies, or maybe amazing kids who are working on games. However I don't think you can buy a ticket if you under 18. I'd suggest going to the E3 site and checking though, if they still aren't clear try e-mailing or calling a contact number.