Early user interface prototypes for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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Jun 11, 2004
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive began when Hidden Path Entertainment attempted to port Counter-Strike: Source to consoles until Valve decided to turn it into a full game. The game was internally known as Counter-Strike 1.5 (not to be confused with the beta release of the original mod for Half-Life with the same title) until it was renamed. These images, published by Hidden Path Entertainment artist Mark Forrer, show us the early user interface prototypes and Valve's original ideas for the game.

The game was to have a full character customization system which included selectable character gender, head type, skin tone, eye color, and camo face paint. In addition to that, there were cosmetic items that could be equipped including selectable helmet or hats, clothes for the upper and lower body, and an insignia. The final game features only weapon and glove skin customization. The images also show a split screen mode, the original names for the weapons, early versions of the maps, and unused character artwork. While left unused, some of these menu images were included in the files of the final game.

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The in-game UI was also cluttered as hell apparently.
Thankfully this never went through, though I wonder what CS:GO could be like with that level of customization on release.
I can't quite guess what reaction the community would have.