Have you ever wondered what the future might be like? ...... Or what would happen if crime and drugs are dominating the world..

This HL2 mod will not be like any other mod you have ever seen. Something very unique…

Visit our IRC channel #entropy-mod on east.gamesnet.net

Talk to us, ask questions!

Here is our WebSite:


We are also looking for:

concept artist's
sound engineer's

e-mail Silverbud
[email protected]

more to come…
Looks cool, but what happens if there's only support for ~32 ppl in MP? Or maybe you've taken that into account?(sp)
lol, maybe a nubish question but, what the hell does (SP?) stand for!?!?!:flame:
Originally posted by simmo2k3
lol, maybe a nubish question but, what the hell does (SP?) stand for!?!?!:flame:
SPelling(that might not be correct) :)
This acctually sounds like it would be a cool MMOG.
As a HL2 mod it sounds pretty cool.
call me

call me crazy, but these all three are the same job. And its not even much of a job.

silverbud -- Leader, Founder, Designer

there are other cyberpunk mods already annouced, some single player and others multiplayer. Just like the wwII genre, it seems the cyberpunk mods are already becoming saturated.
Your crazy.

The leader doesnt have to be the founder. Just the guy who runs it. The guy who started the mod might not be cut out for leading or may just not have the time. Likewise with the designer, they may not come up with the original idea but they will build on it. Or maybe they design the layout of maps/weapons etc.

if they don't count as the same job, they still don't ammount to much of a job anyhow. The leader HAS to bring skill to the table, may it be modeling, skinning, mapping OR coding. Otherwise hes just some guy with an idea and a website, and there are ALOT of those people.

This is an except from a recent somethingawful article

"Step Four: Request Help Now that you have a web page done, it's time to lure a bunch of suckers into your tapestry of lies. You will most certainly want to request help in the following areas:

Level Designers
Texture Artists
Moral Support
Somebody to help get you out of bed in the morning
Somebody to feed you
Somebody to tuck you in at night
Somebody to wipe your ass
Somebody to post on Internet forums telling everybody how great your mod is going to be
Somebody to pay your bills when you drop out of school, quit your job, and hide yourself away from stress of the modern world to "work" on this mod

Thanks for all your interest, but this mod is more than you will think.... There are currntly 22 people working on this mod. The Leader,Designer,Founder Silverbud, He is very serious about this mod. :)

We are still looking for more talented members for this Mod.

Come and hang out on IRC with us, #entropy-mod on gamesnet

Hope to see you there.

PS: The website has been done by flatline 44 wich is a highly respected mod team for BF1942, also some of those members are working on our team.

If you check www.city-17.net you can find more information on our mod. :)
We need as many members as we can!

We still welcome anyone with any talent. The more members we have the better we can make this mod.

Not everymember has been listed yet.

Actually, due to the sheer size of this project, and the fact that we can't pay to hire professionals who can do the work of 2, sometimes 3 amatures; we need all the talent we can get. That will involve having an unusually large team, but we plan to have ridgid organization to keep all tasks and team members efficent.

However, if you are a professional willing to work for a mod that offers no immediate monetary compensation, then welcome aboard! :D
22 too much. Try to find "multi-members" that can do more then one thing. A good number is around 6. It will be hard as hell to keep the team together. Dont rush the mod, kick a few members and take some more time doing the mod and i can promise you that it will be alot better.

Its your call.
To answer Cerberus... the entiere thing is really more complex.
let me explain like i did on another forum.

but before to start i prefer to say , i am french so my english still pretty 'crap'. sorry about that

The concept is in fact a Mod Gangs against Gangs in a really big town. Servers are running 24/24 7/7 and reload only when a Gang take control of the entire city. People will be able to create their character and train different skills.’ The Character Evolution’ will of course be saved on the server Datatbase. if your question is how to play on different server with the same Character in fact you can create one character per town (London will be the first town modeled) that mean your character will be saved on a Database Server and you will be able to connect with the same character on any servers running the same Town.

When you start in the game, you begin by choosing your Name, appearance, (face, body) the sex and the type and color of your clothes you want to wear (more clothes will be available in game). Then you spawn in the Game. You begin in the "neutral' Part of the Town; The Cops are in mass and the Rest of the Government keep secure this zone. Differents type of place will be available, to buy Basic items sutch as weapons, cars, implants, clothes, tools...etc.

About Gangs againts Gangs, in fact, each gang will try to secure the Entiere town. But at the beginning each gangs will have to buy a building: ’Head-Quarter’ and decide how many buildings around (Radius) the gang decides to pay for become his territory. To capture a part of the town that another Gang own, the gang need to attack the Head-Quarter and take possession of the place.
When a Gang loses a head-quarter, he loses the whole part of the town connected to the Head-Quarter, but still continues to secure the other parts of the town connected to their Head-Quarter. If a Gang loses all his Head-Quarter, this one will spawn in the ‘free’ part of the town and try to create a new headquarter in another “neutral”( that mean nobody own it ) part of the town or try to take one by the strength with the rest of the Gang.

about the death you will have 2 differents type of insurance. One to save the skills of your character and another one to safe the stuff you own, like your appartement , items, cars ect. The fact is, if you pay your insurance you will not receive any penality but to keep you insurance low you will have to be carful do not not hurt or kill neutral citizens in walking in the street and of course be carfull to don t drive like a crazy driver in the street for nothing .. you may receive a nice bills from the cops in your personnal e mail box or will try to chasse you if you have too many bills.. or if you don t pay it ! ( but btw in the most part of the town, you don t see cops only because it s too dangerous. part of the town owned by a gang don t see a lot of cops car in their streets.)

We will install a entier Economy in the game. Poeple will obtain money by doing different type of actions in the game , for example be hired by someone to kill an ennemi, or if you feel more be a Crazy 'cab' driving poeple in the town for money that can also be a solution !
Poeple will also be able to rent apartments, Shops... entiere buildings... entiere town. We will create different type of apatments, and few will be in the Neutral part, like Old villa or louxious appartements but very expensive of course. Each gamer will acces to his personnal Bank where he can put his stuff but the place will not be very important.

Also, The NPC will be there to help the gamers. will be mostly sellers, neutral citizens, doctors firemans and cops ( we may include those class later in the mod ...)

i hope with this resume you will get the concept of the game. of course more are coming on our website.

also feel free to join us on the server mIRC Gamesnet
Chann #Entropy-mod and ask more informations ( but we keep few concepts of our game play secret of course... for now ... )
so when you say : we are too much , or other say not enought. i don t care. i presonnaly think we can create a team of 25/30 poeples to create something really serious.
So if you are a Coder, Programer, Skinner, Art concept, modeler ou Sounder , you are motivated by the project ? send me an e mail : [email protected]

Cya everyone !
Jesus shite that will take ages to code, model, etc etc.
Yup.. look @ quake3

anyway.. please look for a new logo. this is just a minority report logo ripp off.. be more original :)

thanks for your time :dork:

what about lag? What systems do you have to deal with so many different things that each client needs to be updated with. As some friendly advice, try first making a less ambitious alpha and then add in more features over time.
About the lag. the first example i could say is : Battlefield, already running 64 poeples in the SAME server. HL2 will probably give the possibility to add more poeple on one server. Like you know, sierra usually works a lot on their Codes to get amelioration of Ping/ms in game.
Right the idea is to run 4 servers connected together and also connected to the server Database.
After Cerberus if you talk about Computer slow because too many things to run for you computer... then , don 't buy Hl2 ;) Need a Good computer to use the real possibilities this game.

about making a project too ambious, let s me say this is maybe ambious but we start to have the team for it. The Staff is really motivated and like the concept. We are not looking to be the FIRST mod on the HL2 engine but maybe more like the first Mod trying to make real changes in the Game Play . The actuals mods like you said Cerberus are almost all the same. now we are talking about a concept new, harder to realize but possible, so you should more try to support us ! you who don t 'realy' like the Mods arounds :)

i guess the first answer of this message will be " yea and how will you get your Servers " I would answer, everything depend of the Media and the Concept of your Mod. if poeple like it , follow the Mod Sponsor should help us to realize our project. if not the last option will be for me to release the Alpha and rent Servers at the begining to see if poeple like the mod :)
Cya on mirc #entropy-mod ! :cheers:

Silverbud - Founder - Entropy Mod
Seriously, if you must have 22 members, then split it into departments, like a mapping team/modelling team and have them under the command of someone who could be the team leader, or at least someone close to the team leader. mmmm logistics, just offering something that i reckon might help, you don't have to take it if you don't want to.... :) good luck anyway,
How will you deal with the 24-hour nature of a server? What if my gang arranges to have as many people log on at some absurb hour and take out the remaining headquarters while most people are offline? Would my character end then? Do I have to maintain a "character"? Will you be able to find action quickly or do I have to walk around until I find a gang to join?

I know everquest has people addicted to maintaining an online persona but this never appealed to me. I go online to play for a little while not to live there.
Well, the team is split up like that. Every teammember does only one certain part, there is no mix and match. You will understand why our team is that large :)
RoyalEF has good questions .

Well the fact is, before connect to any GAMES servers. you will connect first to the DATABASE servers. you have to log in and type you password. after that you will have a window like 'Gamespy' or 'All seeing eyes' who show the list of all the servers with their informations. How many gangs. how many poeples how % of the town is owned by one gang, the time of the day ect ....
you will just have to find the server you prefer to join.
like i explained before you can save you character evolution. that means if you created a charactere in the town of LONDON, you will be able to play the same charracter in any servers running LONDON. but you will not be able to play THIS char in another towns of the game ( the first town planned to do is LONDON, more will come )

also depend of the capacity of each server ( more than 64 players at the same time ) but we will probably cut the town in 4 differents servers but all connected togethers.

thx you righte0us

Btw we are not longer looking for Modelers but still looking for one good skinner , artist concept and one sounder.

and of course if you have any questions, feel free to ask :cheers:
why arent you able to use your charater in other towns.. the limitation off that kinda buggs me. its like GTA3 where you get to see the other town but you cant get there yett :/
This mod will never work .. for several reasons ... not the netcode .. I believe that's possible .. but your server won't be able to handle all the tasks .. unless you work with multiple servers and that's only possible with modiefying the Dedicated Server .. so there will only be a few servers able to run such a game .. therefore not enoguh room and if someone plays a new mod and he can't find any place he will become pissed and never play it again ... Same heppened to some mods i played .. [not with me lol]. Also owning multiple cars .. wtf .. say impossible .. I know you have a good coding team .. I know you have good modelers. Still it won't work or take at least multiple years to have a beta ready... Try to scale it down a bit and people will come backj to play the game. Also ... the networkcode will be laggy .. it could become unplayable .. I don't know :s I do hope it'll become a succes though :)
Holy sh*t, I read the concept design and story and it will own :)

But will this be possible? It will take years to code such a game.

Like the topic starter said: this will not be a normal simple mod but a very unique game... :)

You need very talented C++ coders to make this game done...

I would like to map some parts of the city, I made some HL1 maps... nothing special tho.

I am sure we are not speaking of a mod but to a complete entire game... :)
Wow, i just read the design...

You maybe need to scale it down just a little.

You basicly making a GTA3, with RPG elements, many players, Central databas server, apartments, and a heck of alot things to do. It seems just alittle too much :)

But, hey! If you make it,then congrats m8s!
what I don't get is

what I don't get is why are they trying to remake the mmorpg Neocron.


Almost all they've mentioned, has been done before with neocron. And while the game is laggy for the americans, the game runs much better in europe. So I really don't get the reason for making entropy, except to make a slightly less laggy neocron for american players. Neocron has cybernetics, dynamic factions, vehicles, apartments, etc. Cyberpunk mmorpg HAS been done.
cerberus u are almost doing the same thing... U only leave some letters from the word mmorpg in the sentence: im making a cyberpunk mmorpg. :cool:
It may be a way to test themselves or get a foot into the game industry. Either way, the mod will be free (well, you'll have to have HL2) whereas Neocron is not. There's another HL2 mod team that's mimicking the game Freelancer too. I forgot what it's called.
When you want 100% sure that no one is gonna steal your story or 'mod idea'... then don't post a topic talking about your mod...

When it's in the alpha stage then re-open your websites and advertise...
Coding will not be a problem, we have a very talented coding team (as well as the rest of the entire team in their positions).

Concepts will obviously change and be scaled (as with any project) but most of it will make it into the release.

I am using this mod as "icing" to make it into the game industry, but I'm not relying on it, that's why I'm working on my own engine. This project is to design something awesome, and gain the extra experience from doing so.