Final Fantasy 7 or 8?

7 or 8?

  • FF7 WAS KING!!!

    Votes: 18 62.1%
  • FF8 WAS KING!!!

    Votes: 5 17.2%

    Votes: 6 20.7%

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Jun 23, 2003
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Which do you think was better? And what did you think of each game?
Im not the biggest FF fan out there but I think that FF8 is better then FF7 (But not so much better)
i liked FF7 better, but i really don't like FF in general.

*Edit* however FF3 was very good
FF7 is the best RPG ever made..after that FF9
I agree with h00dlum FF7 is the best RPG evermade, its so freaking great !!!
i member playin FF7 over at my friends house like 3 or 4 years ago maybe more and i always pronouced the chicken-looking things "cockaboo" anywho FF7 owned over ff8 IMO
I liked Final Fantasy 2 (4 for the Japanese out there) better than Final Fantasy 7, which I liked better than Final Fantasy 9, which I liked better than Final Fantasy 8, which I hated because I never won at the damn card game.
FF 8 was the best. I almost cried during the ragnarok sequence. ;(
Screw FF and all anime-style games :D I hate Japanese crap.
But I voted for FF7 anyway, because I played it.
I perosnally perfer our good ole american rpgs... D&D....Eldar Scrolls....Ultima....
FF7 Owns

MAteria System worked the best instead of that crap "draw" on 8, the summons working on the magic attack stat rather than how fast you can slap square.
Gold Saucer owns completely :p

and sephiroth = badass :E

Although Eden rocked to but not as much as KOTR
i forgot what i was supposed to do in FF7 so i stopped playing... :( but it was the best one imo
man no other rpg can touch ff7. The Materia system is the bust upgrade system in any game and it had the best bad guy
FF7 kicked way more ass than FF8. Much better story and characters. Although I played FF10 the most. I bet I have THE best characters in that game out there. FF10 was too easy though, the last boss died in one hit from me...
Final Fantasy 8 is definately the best. The characters are the best in the whole series (with the exception of Cloud and Auron), and the draw system was awesome, as well as the upgrade system.. Such a good storyline too.

Final Fantasy 10 was great, 9 was good too.

Final Fantasy 6 had a nice storyline, if you could see past the platform-style graphics there was a good game in there, not as good as 8, 9, 10 or 7, but good anyhow.

7.. Urgh, boring! Why do so many people like it? It gets so boring. The Materia system is good, but that doesn't make it 'the best RPG ever'. No one can give that title away anyway. I highly doubt that anyone has played every single RPG ever created, and for that reason, your being silly if you hand FF7 the title of 'Best RPG' (no offence to those who said it up above).
I like them both about equally, maybe VII a little bit more, but I'm giving my vote to VIII just because I feel it deserves the attention.
I vote VII, but unlike what most people said it has nothing to do with the Materia system; it was the storyline behind it. The way you start off seemingly so insignificant in the bigger scheme of things, being a mercenary hired to take out a Shinra mako reactor by a bunch of slum-dwelling environmentalists, only in it for the money. From there, the chain of events escalates until you go from loner merc out for money to semi-loner hero who now has to save the world.
Plus, the characters were so in-depth. Even the nobodies in the game like Rufus and Hojo had these fleshed-out backstories and ambitions; that's what I think sets this game apart from others.

The overall production value was so grand in this game. The graphics and cinematics were revolutionary, and the music was beautiful and conveyed the mood of the game perfectly at all times (although, this is pretty much a staple of FF games; VI (3 in the US) had damn good music).

Also, sentimental value; it was the game that got me into RPGs.
I replaying FF7 now..started last week..i dont think FF7 is the best cuz of the materia system(even tho its the best in my opinion), its the story, the towns, the characters, the enviorment, the enemys...everything..damn its good!
Originally posted by AmishSlayer
FF7 kicked way more ass than FF8. Much better story and characters. Although I played FF10 the most. I bet I have THE best characters in that game out there. FF10 was too easy though, the last boss died in one hit from me...

All the summons and everything at the end dies in one hit, Yojimbo for the first load then zomibe the boss and heal him \o/

FF10 has the best Intro when i put my disk and started and was greeted by that intro i was glued to the game till the end....

as for FF7 it had a nice limit break system to :p work the way up for them lv 4's and kick some ass :E