FN 2000 Renders


May 15, 2003
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Well, Ran has been at it again. check out these FN2000 renders,

fn2000 6.jpg

fn2000 5.jpg

fn2000 4.jpg

fn2000 3.jpg

fn2000 2.jpg

fn2000 1.jpg
is it just me, or does everybody not get any images here?!?!?!?
sweeeeet d00d, ive got a FN 2000 in my mod :D, its unskinned so it dosent look as good as your one :D

hmmmmmm, it must just be with me...

I can't access your site either, Sidwinder... ;(

Must be a problem my end then ;(
It is just you. Try restarting your comp, it might have to do with a DNS being unsyced

But you're missing out, i htink they look pehnominal.
Wow nice, makes me want one ;). Whats the polycount on it?
I love that weapon, it rocks! You learn to love it in SC
The mod is Cold WAr: Melting Point (See sig)

With the standard scope and handgrip, it comes to around 3000.
With the 'nade launcher, silencer, and computerized scope, it's closer to 4000.
4000 polygons is gonna **** this mod up, try staying under 1800... I know this is a new engine but logicaly 4000 polygons is to much

I prefere staying under 1200
True, but according to Gabe, the number of polys is a creative design issue, not an engine issue, mainly becuase of the LoD system. for people with the lower systems, the model gets LoD-ed down some.
but the polycount wont minimize itself on lower end systems. Please trust me, or I would make freakin 10 000 poly weapons. It will be a issue if you overdo it
Don't forget that you can (maybe) cut the half of it and remove all the unseen polys :)
Yeah, depending on how HL2 handles wepapons, this gun my be sliced in many differnt parts or whatnot, we'll just have to see about that.
yay, I've got the images now, quite nice, cogratulate your modeler, i like this one the best :p

and i'm waiting to see how the engine works before tweeking my models, as i we don't know yet.. and for most rifles you'll need both sides for the reload/cocking animation... :(
right, but you can remove alot of detial form the bottom and right side of the gun.
well yes... you can as it will only be a quick view of it...
so this would be acceptable... :p
yeah, but it wouldnt be as much as half, and the count is still massive
yes, i do realise this, but still a lot of polies can be saved due to this...
Hmm..I cant really se the problem with the modell having a high PC ..... Ive been laborating with the Refraction2 engine alott and I use right know 4000P modells in it with a 6 modell LOD system ...and a Lowdetail mesh asswell ....and it works great , no FPS drop at all ...and on top of this we have vehicles with a PC from 6000-9000P´s ....and what ive heard the Source engine would handle everything better than the Refraction2 engine .So I cant se the problem ..I really think that you guys should step outa your HL closset into the realworld please .....Go for the 4k modell its looking awesome ......
Originally posted by SidewinderX143
What's the refracion engine been used in?

Battlefield 1942.

As for viewmodel polycounts (which don't use LOD) the new sdk faq said they targeted ~2000. I don't see why you'd want to go above that for weapon models held by external characters that do LOD though, why not use the same ~2000 poly model for both.

The weapons I've been doing have been around ~1000.

Great model can't wait to see it in game :).
LOL Grey! I just read the SDK faq and thought 'OH! I know a thread this applies to!!' :LOL:

beat me by ten minutes :p

Anyway, here's a quote:
We're targeting around 2000 polygons for our viewmodels, which of course do not LOD.

This PC has to work with their low end target, of course.