Freaky Halflife 2 idea



Hi, first post here, but I'm equally freaked about HL2, I have all the short vids, and have never seen any game make such a monumental leap forwards. I'm trying to arrange for myself to be put into a coma until September the 30th, I really can't wait.
But anyway, to the post topic. I've been thinking about the facial animations, and I'd love to see a 'living screensaver' with Alyx, the G-Man or anyone, kind of like the demo at E3 of the G-Man's face. He'd be on the sceensaver constantly, and would react to any sound in the room, via your computer's microphone, either with pre-loaded speech, or speech that you recorded earlier. I know that you can load WAV's into the program and have the character lip-sync it, so how great would it be to come into your computer's room and have the G-man say something sarcastic or threatening. It would be good for freaking people out, especially if the WAV's were from your voice.

I know that it must be possible, even my little mp3 player records WAV's (and I'm sure my PC would too if I asked it nicely), but being a British Soldier, it isn't really my field.
And finally, before September comes, I need to buy a new computer, just for games, can anyone suggest a company that makes kick-arse gaming machines that I won't have to sell my children to medical science to afford-£2000 max.
Comic Book Guy voice--Longest first post, ever.--
If you are male, look at the gif below.
Hey that would be pretty sweet, course if he were to look around my room with a web-cam his eyes would go wide and his jaw would drop when he looked at the... "pictures" on the wall.:cheese:
Yea. that's a good idea. Would require a good amount of CPU overhead... I would hate it if it came on when I'm watching a movie or something (I always forget to turn it off)
oh man, i love that pic... im gonna resize it and make it into and avatar:bounce:
hehe kewl idea :D

maybe Hl2 will breng next generation interactive chatting :afro:
hehe j/k...
Hehe, what would be really cool is if your G-Man screen saver could learn to talk - like a parrot.

i.e. if after hearing something said ten times, he started saying it himself. Could result in some very interesting chatter. Hmmmm, Digital G-Parrot...remember, you heard it here first!
Haha, that's some crazy shit!

I like it!:cheese:
Or even just randomly cycleing through all the emotions. I don't know if they can lipsync in real time though.

I'm pretty sure they can, to a certain extent. I mean, look at mods like TFC now. If you talk on voice comm, there's a certain level of lipsyncing (not the greatest, but it's there). Sure, it's easier when you have a preset wav file, because it can pick it apart, but it should notice real time speech fairly long as you enunciate.

I know it can work but they wont bother doing that...:bounce:
22, 23, oh bugger this!
Off on a tangent, what's the score with Aliens Vs Predator 3?
Last issue of PCZone said that it would be revealed at E3, but I've heard nothing. Talk about the perfect game to utilise the source engine!:cheese: