A proposition: ValveTime Half-Life 1 co-op event

Do a Half-Life 1 Co-Op session?

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Space Core
Nov 11, 2007
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What would this be done with: Sven Co-op. The classic mod everyone is likely familiar with. Works easy enough. Lots of custom character models, voice commands ("MEDIC!" "TAKE COVER!"), third-person, and features co-operative functions such as reviving dead friends and healing yourself and others with a hand-held health pack.

Why would this be done: It's a new era for us here at Halflife2.valvetime.net. Not sure if it's been done before for you folks, but it might be a nice way to let us all talk shit to each other in the new discord server and experience Half-Life the way it was never meant to be played: cooperatively.

When would this be done: Before the release of Half-Life: Alyx. Beyond that, who knows?

Where would this be done: A server is kind of like a location, so the "where" is valid. Someone will need to host a server and be versed in the complications that come with it. Personally, I have a friend who has hosted such a thing for me and some friends a couple years ago.

Who would be subject to this insanity: Easiest way to "sign up" would be to probably make a list in discord in a text channel with a voice channel. Maybe just make it even simpler and say "Here's the server. Here's the time. Join the discord call if you want." I don't want to over-complicate this.

Personally, I have the capability and hard-drive space to record the whole thing as long as it's done on a day I can be there. I think it might be a fun thing to look back on. I could even stream it if there are no objections.
I actually only played Sven a time or two many years ago so I'd probably be useless, but I'd be down. There's also Synergy for HL2 co-op, but I haven't tried it at all.
Yes, let's do this. Any way to guarantee some slots in the server, just in case it becomes a full house?
Sven's free? Sure, I'll play along. I'm an impostor when it comes down to it but an impostor's got to be involved somehow. Do this in December, when I've off from college.
Sounds good to me. I haven't played Sven in so long I barely remember it. I'd be down to play other classic mods too (getting enough people for a solid game of The Specialists would own)