Fun mods to tide me over 'till Sept30th?


The Freeman
Jun 2, 2003
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Anyone know some good HL mods that would help me keep my sanity until Sept. 30th, not including CS, DoD, CL (Counter-Life), Global Warfare, Desert Crisis, AHL, Tour of Duty, Vampire Slayers, IOS, Gladiators, BattleGrounds, or The Specialists?
Scientist slaughterhouse man, that mod was sweet, many diff weapons. multiplayer always screwed up tho.
Natural Selection is AWESOME, though you need to find a good server with good people (at LEAST an experienced comm or gorge) for the games to really gel.
Definately scientist slaughterhouse. Cool new weapons and fun scientist slaying action! :)

Sven Co-op is the best mod out there.

Also, get Infinite mod.
Infinite rift... never heard of it, whats it like?
Yeah I guess Sven Co-op is okay. I don't know though... the developers for it are a little weird.

There is quite alot of playable mods, couldnt tell you how many non-playable mods there are tho, havent seen one. Heheh
The aliens are actually very team oriented too. You know, saying "Marines at Holo room!", and such. The level of communication in this game is stunning.
only mods i play is DOD and CS....i heard Natural Selction was good
I also saw sometihng about NS that caught my eye. After further looking in too. Ill sick to sof2 till i get my hl2 disks

As for(sof-two). Its had me since the demo release. Though if i hadnt of played cs since the betas' i would still be there.
Fraggin j00 soon...
I dunno: it feels slow and a lot of the "puzzles" are a little annoying.
1. POV - Point of View
- A very interesting SP mod, you play the role of an Alien slave. Has a very good story, but theres much to read, though. A good thing is that you can see Shephard's plane crash, and see him lying on the ground!

2. They Hunger 1-2-3
-The series of the best horror SP mod, made by PCGamer!
Originally posted by Dile


2. They Hunger 1-2-3
-The series of the best horror SP mod, made by PCGamer!

They Hunger series was made by Neil Manke, the guy who also made the Uss Darkstar. It was first published on the PCGamer cd.
Yep still got all of those so far listed on my computer :p
Well except fot CS, cos too many people cheat...
And I only play DOD with bots because of the same reason ;(
I have none of these mods.... due to the fact im a 56Ker.... rock on 56K .... (but I have played em! and they are good... except CS :flame: )

well.... one day :p

want my advice.... play Q3 or UT (NOT 2K3...cos it's boring:p) until 30th sept then you will have randomous bot/online opponant fun :)
LOL, sturmbot is fun, line em all up with rockets and pause em... bwaha how shall I deal with these fools ^_^
SCIENCE & INDUSTRY pretty good original mod...unfortunately there's not many servers, and people seems to forget the team-play aspect of the game(which it is all about) try it out though...

NATURAL-SELECTION this is the most amazing mod I've ever seen! really great....but it takes some time to get into it....and it's only fun if you've got great teamates....fortunately the community seems somewhat llama-free.
Badger: Rock on 56k \m/

Also UT is teh best deathmatch game evar. I'm downloading Godz now... which should be fun. Tried U4ET? Hella fun... cept the damn BFG grenades WAAAAAH :D
yeah.. ... us 56Kers are truly hardcore

I liked UT better than UT2k3.... it got boring much faster :p... what is U4ET???
Hey, you need to get the offical upgrade for UT2k3, so it plays like the original (not finished YET) ...and the other one so you get the new game modes, I love invasion :p
But I think It's Great when playing mutliplay, the singleplayer was quite crap...and you can frequently find me giving as good as I get under the alias: Stone_Krush

Rock on 52k...wait a minute I've got Broadband erm...Rock on Broadband?!?
Nothing will beat a good game of Natural Selection, the teamplay experience of being on a team of well coordinated marines is simply incredable. But unfortunately, it is hard to find a good server, so I also play a lot of DoD, also a very strong mod in terms of teamplay. Joining a DoD clan is a very good teamplay experience, and there are dozens of clans recruiting at any time!
I've never really been able to get into DoD. I was into it around...a year ago I believe, when 1.3 was around. DoD_hill, that was the greatest map ever, and it was the only reason I played. I still don't understand why they left it behind :(
Originally posted by Dile

2. They Hunger 1-2-3
-The series of the best horror SP mod, made by PCGamer!

The Sven Co-op team are making a co-operative They Hunger version, should be great. Dunno if Neil Manke is involved or not.
Oooh... I'd recommend these mods (albeit, there's a lot... this should keep you busy!):

Heart of Evil
Dwell SP (Excellent maps! The house could use a little work, but it's pretty hard to make such interesting caves...)
Half-Quake: Amen (very creative... very sadistic.)
Absolute Redemption
Rebellion (pre-
Resistance 1, 2 and 3 (the first two are grunt-fests, but they're FUN!)
Poke 646
Xen Warrior
Scientist Slaughterhouse
Science & Industry
Natural Selection
Point of View
Half-Life: Chronicles, Part 1 (pre-, oddly enough, the group that made this mod mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth. o.o)
Escape from the Darkness
Timeline 1, 2 and 3
Bootleg Squadron (Opfor)
Project: Quantum Leap
USS Darkstar
Edge of Darkness
Mission of Mercy
The Challenger Deep
Conundrum 1 and 2
Half-Life: Shadows (if you can find it)
Exodus 1 and 2
Peaces Like Us (If the author spoke fluent english, I think the title would be "Peaceful Like Us")
Sweet Half-Life (why's there an anime girl in there!? o.o)
Azure Sheep
ETC 1 and 2
Todesangst 1 and 2 (kinda weird, but fun!)

A few of these need to be played on Opposing Force or a pre- version of Half-Life, and are marked as such.

Yes, I know I'm a single-player junkie. Stop looking at me like that...
min rizor, can you send a non-fileplanet link to dl the resistance games? Thanks.
Beats me... I usually look around on for downloading mods. They might have alternate links, there,
Wow, Rizor, half of those mods I've never heard of! I didn't know there were so many SP mods. I actually downloaded Sven-Coop yesterday, I haven't gotten into that for about six months, but since its a newer version it should be even more fun than before :D.

Oh, not sure if anyone here will feel like playing something non-HL or HL2 related, but the SP and MP demos for Chaser are really cool, you should check 'em out.
And I've found the most horribly addictive 2D motorcycle game in existence. ElastoMania ( It generally looks pretty crappy, and there isn't really much to the game (all you do is collect all the apples and then touch the flower :rolleyes:), but I've spent a good few hours playing just the demo.
Hey i remember the timeline mods, those mods were seriously fun, not as fun as scientist slaughterhouse tho.
All about NS, DOD, and Sven. NS has so much action and is amazing, and if you play it you NEED a microphone. Makes the game so much more enjoyable. DOD is just fun and exciting. Sven is great with about 6 people. With 20 people or so it goes too fast, with about 2 people it's boring. Get a group of friends, load up Sven, put a password on and let the fun begin.
WHAT!!!!! ive been lookin for this mod for the longest time, that link didnt work before, thanx spawn. gotta play that mod, best mod ever, better than scientist slaughterhouse. GEEZ!