Funny Half-Life 2 Insights



Hello everyone, I'm new here. HL2 rocks my socks off btw. Don't get me wrong. HL2 looks amazing and will probably be the best game I have ever played. But, this is wierd....


- that is the monster thing from War of the Worlds (the book...)




- That's the monsters from Starship Troopers (the movie...)

Here's a pic from the movie to compare -

Are these ripped? I dunno. I'll still play it though.
Roffle, Never knew about the HG wells thing but the bugs looked oddly alike to something ive seen before and now you pointed it out ;)
Already noticed for the starship trooper one but it's it's also very similar with War of the Worlds...well that's not a shame....just good idea :]
hehehe. I dunno why but when my lil bro showed me those pics, i imediatly was like, "OMG." I just saw some good videos for HL2 (my first hl2 vids). I'm usually don't follow games like that, but my lil bro's been following and I finally sat down to watch some videos he had. I was amazed. It's so realistic, physics look amazing. Can't wait for it...
This was certainly done on purpose. War of the Worlds was a classic, and it really got the whole science fiction genre started. There have been several take offs on TV and in other books. War of the worlds even started an all out panic when it was read, newsreel style, back in the days of radio - many people believed Mars was actually invading. I think Valve has widely chosen to use some recognisable icons - classic characters for what is sure to be a classic game. Of course I'm also sure they have serveral creative surprises in store for us.
I came to the same conclusion about the "War of the Worlds" walking war machines and the Starship Troopers bugs.

They game models are obviously inspired by, not not EXACTLY copies of these scifi shapes.

I have no problem with it, its kinda like a tribute. And thats cool.

The Punisher
Just amazing War of the worlds was a totaly great film.. Strarship troopers was utter crap..Those striders in vid are just amazing, The AI on the Spidery Craby thing with the sharp bits is Ruthless.:bounce: God i cant wait..

Ive acctualy started to use the word AMAZING more now in conversation and its Purley ValVes fault..:cheese:
Don't forget that one of the characters looks just like Bill Cobbs! ;)
hehe yea I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that :)

pld thedude :cheers:
And don't forget that the original Half-Life was originally meant to somewhat poke fun at b-movie horror/sci fi.
But I think Valve has done such a good job that people tend to not notice it or just plain forget. Heck, I do sometimes. XD

Heheh... always makes me wonder if the guys over at Valve like to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000; it's b-movie riffing heaven!
Yeah prob.

Really creepy how the alien friends in HL2 and the Aracanoids in Starship troopers look so alike... Valve must have been inspired by em.... hopefully they are as brutal in HL2 as they were in ST !! :cheese:
They are actually really cute! It's so sad on the bug-bait video where they get slaughtered by the turrets :(
I wonder if you throw the ball at your feet will they attack you? Hehe
haha, thanks mamu

I didnt know what, Min Rizor. Yeah, they do. MST3k rocks! :D

hahaha, hopefully, Laguna

TrueWeltall, lol