G-Man....An Alien?!


May 14, 2003
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Anyone else think G-Man is a possible alien?...Maybe thats the exciting/frustrating end valve has promised in HL2.

He's just a little to creepy to be human, and looks dead half the time
no i dont think so i believe he is a bad ass government man..however u never mentions his "employers" and who they are or possibly wut they are...u never know.
yea i dont think he is an alien....a government agent just like a lot of other people think....though i have a theory that he knew the inccedent at black mesa was going to happen before it did....hmmmm...hmmmmmmmmmmm...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
he can't be an alien. he is indeed misterious in all sort of way, but i don't think he is an alien.
I actually think he might be the one who started the research on the unknown matierials and aliens, they said in the booklet the research was government based. mybe he wanted that to happen, then find someone who was capable of (Gordon Freeman) dealing with the aliens...he probably wants to find out more about them....or SOMETHING. There just has to be a reason hes all wierd and you ALWAYS find him locked up behind a door or window looking at you in the original and Op for.
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Maybe he's working for the aliens!

like in the movie ALIENS that 1 guy trys to trap ridly and the little girl so they get inpregnated with the eggs so he can conduct research
He'ssssssssssssssss definetly got ssssssssssssssssssomething going on with the Xenitiansssssssssssss, but he alssssssssso called in the black opsssssssssssssss AND the Marinessssssssssss back at Black Messsssssssssssa.
Originally posted by 2ltben
He'ssssssssssssssss definetly got ssssssssssssssssssomething going on with the Xenitiansssssssssssss, but he alssssssssso called in the black opsssssssssssssss AND the Marinessssssssssss back at Black Messsssssssssssa.

....and typing like that can be very annoying.
One thing that makes this subject all the more intriguing is this line from the final boss in the game, Ninilanth...

'You are man.... he not man.... for you he waits...'

You know what ? I think G-MAN is an AGENT (matrix)..hehe look at him ..he is just like Smith :dork:
Repost: My views on the G-Man (Relates to your views as him as an alien (He is not, in my view, completely alien, but he might be part))

G-Man: A man in some-way relating to hostile aliens unknown to us whose soul purpose is to bring the alien threat to our world while searching for likely ‘subjects’ to follow in his footsteps (The gullible as well as strong Gordon Freeman). In order to bring about this plan, he first had to conquer Xen and open a mass portal to the alien’s home world. To do this, he brought about chaos on Black Mesa, causing Gordon Freeman to take revenge and slay the leader. The aggressive behavior of the aliens could only be done by G-Man first genetically engineering his own version of the Xen Aliens. How does G-Man know all of this? If my theory is correct (Doubt it, that is why it is a theory), then G-Man already has contact with a physic being capable of telling him what to do and who to do it to.

“You are man… he is not man… for you he waits… for you…”
I have two thoughts on this.
A) This could be referring to G-man, however, I believe G-man IS in fact human. My perspective on him is a man who is an ambassador to some ‘alien power’ and carries out their will.
B) This could be referring to some as-of-yet-not-discovered being who will take part in the upcoming invasion of City-17. ‘Waits for you’ meaning that this being is physic or has contact with a being who is and has known for many years that Gordon would release its race unto the human’s earth, unleashing Chaos. (As Combine’s are Half-Man, Half Something else, perhaps this COULD be the G-Man (A Combine Leader?))

In-Depth: The G-Man could in fact be a Combine Agent dispatched in advanced (Sort of like a scout) in order to prepare the world for the Combine’s coming (What are the chances of Combine being from earth? Even if they are, they would want to let those who provided them Alien Technology into our world as well). As such, G-Man spent years organizing Black Mesa and planning the entire incident to bring an end to Nihilanth, allowing Combine/Combine Allies to cross through the Borderworld Xen. This means my view of the G-Man is neither human nor alien, but part of each. Also, I believe he is the ultimate bad-guy, and the only ‘real’ good you ever met was Nihilanth.

I will find out further into this ‘matter’ once I manage to devote over ten hours deciphering what the heck the G-Man and that scientist are talking about in c1a0.
I posted this in another thread, but it's more relevant here. In half-life 1, during his fight with Gordon, Nihalanth says:

“You are man… he is not man… for you he waits… for you…”


“Thieves… you all are thieves… you all are…”

It's been said before, but this obviously refers to the G-Man waiting for Gordon at the end of the game. I think it's pretty obvious that the G-Man is in fact an alien (but not from Xen) that has tricked Gordon into establishing his race's stranglehold on Xen. The thief bit of course refers to the stealing of crystals from Nihalanth - which had obviously been going on for quite a while prior to "the incident" at Black Mesa. The crystals are needed for teleportation. I hypothesize that the G-Man, and the human government agency he works for, are collaborating with the G-Man's home world in an attempt to colonize Xen. I'm betting that the human occupation of Xen has allowed a new more sinister alien race (and one of the G-Man's rivals) to invade the earth in HL2. This time Gordon will be allied with the G-Man and the Xen aliens to fight this new threat (although perhaps not willingly).
hmm, if he's not an alien.. why does the aliens don't attack him in hl1 ? :| maybe he's kinda boss ;| but in the end of hl1 it says that Gordon is working for him..

Well, no one knows for sure.. Just VALVe ;b