Gordon Goes Postal


You know your a nerd when you havent even seen a picture of that game 'postal', yet i get that joke entirly.

That picture made me realise what a huge war is brewing. The half lifers v doomers. Each fighting to claim their game as the breakthru game of the new computer age. It will be like nintendo v sega in the 90s.
hehe, thats such a good pic.

Thats turning into my desktop pic for the next few days.:afro:
Now if Postal 2 was actually like that... then we'd have a game! :cool:
Well here we are.....100 posts! Should be getting a letter from the Queen ;)

Glad you like the pic :)
Sire Murray_H! The Queen has requested your presence. She has heard that your post count has reached an staggering 100 posts! You are to be knighted in a fort night! Anyway, interesting pic...congrats on the 100 posts...nice new avatar...blah blah blah =P

it wouldn't be funny on its own, however, it's a game reference. that makes it funny! (i think)
Jesus wept worldspawn let your hair down! And I'm 17 :p

Yes its a game reference - HL 2 p*ssing on Doom 3, Postal 2 style