Gordon in Snow Wallpaper


May 18, 2003
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Klick here! (it is in 1600x1200 reso) I simply wont do any wallpapers in lower reso's because I make the wallpapers for personal use untill I deside to upload em.
Sweet stuff, EVIL. Thanks, it's now my desktop background.
Thnx guys.

These things only take 1/2 minutes once I have an idea or have a good pic I can work with.

Photoshop 0wnz!

Just look @ goodbrush.com and you can see what you can do with photoshop (if you have dah skills :))
Well, can you suggest any places where I can get "dah skills" ?
neevr mind did it myself...nice wallpaper...although not so incredibly hard to make I figure :p
quite simple yeah. the gordon snow image with some whit suff on to to blend it with the white background and a HL² logo on top 15% (I think) transparant and "Half-Life²" in the HL font

that's all

GJ on the desktop it made me change my desktop...and I havent had a desktop pic for about 3 months. ;)

Good work!

very nice pice evil simple wallpaperes are the best imo
give it a very good effect nice work m8
thnx.. yeah simple wallpapers are the best
damm i guess it did.. /me check FTP.. WTF.. the whole directory is empty.. someone deleted everything. ARGH!!

/me turnes green ... EVIL SMASH!!
ahhwell. I should buy me some webspace someday when I kinda get more serious with my art, modeling and skinning etc.
i reuploaded some stuff like the buttons and the wallpaper