Half-life 2 3D Logo


May 18, 2003
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Well, I did this out of boredom, so I don't plan on improving it, there's a bit of jaggies and placement problem but I'm too lazy to re-render it. :D

Anyway... it's just the good ol' HL2 logo with a peach blue peaceful theme.
Fits snugly on anyone's desktop, especially those who had enough of HL2 wallpapers with fighting scenes.:bounce:

looks nice! but why does everyone makes the logo so damn thick
a little too peaceful for half-life, but cool effects.
meh...sorry don't like it! it doesn't seem to fit in with the HL2 theme at all....the only thing tying it to HL2 is the logo....everything else doesn't fit IMO.
Its a bit too colourfull.. it needs a bit more urban, lab feeling to it
It's lovely and restful, if it was spinning it would be a nice screensaver... (but as a HL2 themed wallpaper it's not great, sorry, more action needed :p)

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