Half-Life 2 [519MB] [Good Sound]

uhmm its the same filename as the gameplay video. How is that an interview? The only interview i recall is on gamespot.
The gamespot interview is actually really good. They really talk about the kind of thought they put into the game: what they set out to do, why they had a press blackout, their philosophy of gaming, etc. The video (I could only see it as a slideshow, basically) just has Gabe and the head software guy talking, intercut with some scenes from old Half-life and, as far as I can tell, the old screenshots of HL2 that we've all already seen.
so, is this the interview or what?
if its isnt, do anybody got a link to the interview? :)
This is the file fileplanet are hosting.
the file....

i'm not sure if it's me just now but i've tryed you're link a few times and it's coming up as 143mb....
what's the deal>?;(
th efile ...

sorry, the file is now coming up as 146mb :) maybe your uploading it as i speak eh? :) i'll try tomorrow or some shyzen
Hey poeple i am ending uploading it there !!
Maybe 2 hours left ! Sorry about that becouse i don't have internet in my house.... :D