Half-Life 2 Box Art (Pictures Inside - Real!?)

Yeah those look like the real boxes, anyway we have been over this...
those have been around since E3, they are mockups, probably really close to the retail ones, and the silver box will actaully be metal and it will cost more.
Well, these boxes were from E3 show. I don't think these will be final boxes; they look just like wallpaper placed over a box. I am guessing these boxes were there just for sake of it, to show of 3 main characters.

Edit: Ah, Xtasy0 beat me to it :)
Yeah! you could like throw yourself at the walls without getting hurt!
Oh, those boxes are the coolest boxes evr. :D
I like those two better :D


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Thats a cool pic of Gordon and all on thos boxes, but it just doesnt look as cool as this one. It looks so much more dramatic and serious.


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That silver Box is amasing! its perfect....not confusing and it stands out =) makes you really want to look whats on the back and inside ;)

It looks godly
I think the most left box is the one that must be chosen :p

It's kinda mysterious, just like halflife 1's box was..still have it, from 1998 :p
No, that's not Gordon ingame, just an illustration. You'll never see yourself in-game as far as I know, unless you come across a mirror or something. Hmm...I wonder if you look into that reflective water if you'll see yourself?

I must have that G-Man box. It's too awesome. :|

That'd be a nice marketing trick if Valve released all four of those boxes, a la Warcraft III. Perhaps a fifth box could feature Barney?
well what if you made your own map with that security camera stuff and set it up to where the camera was lookign at you and you were looking at the screen?
Something like the camera that was watching the G-Man in the tech demo? Hmm...it'd be interesting to see yourself as Gordon. Valve wants the game to be immersive, and they want you to feel as if you are Gordon Freeman...that'd certainly do the trick if you kept seeing "your" reflection. Hopefully Gordon's not a vampire (no reflection). :LOL:
I'd assume with all the reflection capabilities of the new engine surely they have a gordon model that you would see if you walked passed the camera/mirror/water etc. But i seriously doubt it will be the model you see on the box there, simply because if that gordon is a 3d model it has some kind of hair/fur on him and i don't think there are any engines that can simulate hair/fur to that extent
lol the G-Man's eyes look like an insect's eyes
Yeah, those boxes are really tight. Much love to the person that designed it, it's very fitting...
Is it just more or do those look like the full-sized, manly boxes? Not the gimpy little 'economic' boxes they keep short-changing us with? God I hope so... That would make Valve all the more cool. Also... I will buy the metal box one depending on the price.
yeah, at best buy they have those midget boxes that are amost twice as small as the ones that they used to have. I hate those, makes me feel like i'm getting less for my money.
yeah those small "game cases" suck. i still have the half-life 1 box, and would like to have the half-life 2 box to be the same size. but even if it isn't, It's all good, because half-life 2 is gonna own.