Half-Life 2 Online Embargo

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Mar 18, 2003
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From Planet Half-Life:

According to multiple unconfirmed sources, the Half-Life 2 online press embargo ends Thursday, May 8th. This is all rather convoluted, but print magazines were allowed to publish articles on Half-Life 2 after April 28th (or so), but the embargo was broken and scans of the articles leaked out everywhere. And CNN was allowed to post a preview, despite the embargo. Anyways, May 8th is the date sites like GameSpy.com, GameSpot, and IGN are allowed to post their previews and hopefully we'll get some better quality screenshots we're actually allowed to post.
Yes, we know this embargo stuff is rather silly, but it's not as if this incredible display of inept PR is going to keep any of us from buying the game.

Hopefully this is true and we will see masses of new screenshots and previews in a couple of days :)
Aye, but 'tis movies that will show the true power of HL2. Only then will we catch a glimpse of its physics engine and animation system. And screenshots don't often do the graphics of the games full justice anyway. I'm hoping for some kind of trailer from E3. :)

or leaked alpha ;)
ROFL! a leaked alpha would spread like rabbits in a phuk farm.

Dam it would be nice!

I agree that screen shots dont do very much fo a game. A movie would be VERY VERY nice indeed, and Im sure there will be a few floating around E3 time :D

haha... the borg...lol

:borg: :borg: :borg:

resistance is FUTILE!
Considering these were screenshots from last year... Heck yeah they do nothing to show us what the game will be like.
I wanna see movies, orange wall stuff, an lots, an lots of physics info!
THE 2nd POST ON THE HL2 SITE!!! wowowowow. I am doing this since they closed the first one :D muahahahaha

Thanks for that new Munro.... its only 10months old :/
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