Halflife 2 leak...

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Could you plz stop talking about this.. Im getting enoyed everyone says the same things :mad:
yes a thred just like this was locked by munro not so long ago...
no good comes from speculating about this sort of thing.
the problem is this is something that wasnt meant to be a product or played by the public, this is not the publicity they want wutever u might call it, it is not the finished product.
Well I have seen a rather interesting file on eDonkey. I haven't downloaded it, as I have no wish to spoil my enjoyment of the full game when it comes out.
Grr.... hearing about this leak just tempts me to go looking... pleeeeeeeeeease don't tempt me.... I wanna be kinda surprised when I first play the retail...
Hmm Lots of Rumour and counter Rumour. Dont think i can cope with much more.!:bonce:
i have heard rmors and iv known people to find this file on edonkey and started to dl it(not me) it has not been confirmed as a fake but i would hope it is, i agree with Min on this in that i want to be surprised and that this can only give u limited fun and leave u worse off than u were orignally by not being staisfyied and when the final comes out it wont have the impact it did when u wasted it on the leaked version.that is only if there is one and i doubt it is.
i haven't checked, but i would assume there is no leak. valve didn't give out any alpha versions, everything is internal. if there is a leak from inside valve (leaky valve? get it? haha?) then i suggest that person be shot. it is not ready to come out.

* Valve_CEO says there is no demo available.

^^ chat joke, sorry.
I have yet to see a major game not be leaked. A good example is the Quake Series. Every single one of those games in the series were leaked, even Q1, and the result? More sales for id I bet.

Even if it doesn't leak today/this week/month. Everyone and his dog will warez it if theres any disparity with world wide release dates.
Meh... I was the original one-who-wanted-to-be-surprised person! *hyperventilates*
If Valve delivers what they promise, won't you rather buy the game? Don't you prefer a original copy of the game rather than having the game burned on a shitty, do-it-yourself CD?
I have 5 copies of HL in its various forms sitting around the house.

I think that answers your question :)
EvilGrin I have 5 copies of HL in its various forms sitting around the house.

I think that answers your question

You keep miss placeing copys and cant find them so you have to go out and buy another.?:cheese:
:cheese: Only Joshing m8.
There is no demo :/ God this is really annoying me.
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