Hammer 2


May 19, 2003
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I thought we needed a few more threads in the map section so I went out and found everything that I could on Hammer 2.
I hope its helpful or at least interesting.

Valve ERC

This one is kinda interesting(although I think he is mistaken in a couple places)

Good ole DOD forums
dod forums
the guy who wrote the first one,auto, actually works for valve... how cool is that! :cool:
hmm I am not sure if (in the second link) he is correct about the orange maps. I thought that the map was textured in orange while the textures were being made so that the map could still be tested for gameplay. That was the impression I got from the PC Gamer article. What does anyone else think?
your half right there, yes you can playtest the orange map to get a feel for it before you texture it.

i'm sure though that hammer will still be the same as before so that you will be able to use the lovely hi-res textures that come with hl2 if you don't want to wait ages for your own to be made/make your own. :afro:
By all means Mike yes. That was sort of what I was trying to say, you can texture, but the reason for the maps seen from Valve's screenshots of orange maps were in that state because they had not yet completed the textures.
AH! i got confused there, thought u meant other people making textures, not valve :eek: