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The Freeman
Jun 12, 2009
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Hey everyone, I've been browsing through this forum for a few days now, but just started posting. Hoping to burn off some of this wait until 9/30 chatting with you all. If you ever want to talk to someone in-depth about all-things HL, especially Xenobiology, I'm your man. :cool:
Welcome to the hl2.net community, Darkside. :cheers:

And yea, this forum is a good way to burn time 'till the big day comes.
Thanks for all the welcomes!

Simmo, Xenobiology is the study of the creatures from Xen. It's what the scientists were doing with all the specimens in cages, poking and prodding at them and figuring out what made them tick. There are some sites that try to go in-depth on the creatures, and also in the PHL Gameplay forum people bring up topics about it alot.
I welcome you, young one, to this forum. I hope you staying will be long and that you will find all what you seek herein.
Welcome. Don't turn into an idiot like me on the forums. Thank you.
Welcome to HL2 forums! Do you have any new hl2 info? We need a fix, anything will do! We need info!! :cheese: