Help with 20 minute movie



Ok, I've got it downloaded and everything. I click on the icon, which SHOULD bring me to my Quicktime screen. THen I get "Program not Responding". Over and over again. It's driving me crazy. Once, I got it to sort-of-work. It did the thing where it asks what you want to open the program with, and I picked quicktime. It said Quicktime wasn't applicable, though.

Anyway, is there anything you guys can think of to help?

I'm running off XP.
do you have the latest version of quicktime?

or maybe your file is corrupt.
I HOPE that was a joke, King :)

I spent like 6 hours getting the damn thing to download. Not going through that again.

Meh. Maybe I'll go watch the eigth movie a couple more times. That'll make me feel better.
ok so u dl'd it, did u un-zip it? or did u not have winzip and have a windows icon where the winzip icon is, i know this is an obvious question but just tryin to help. if u dont have winzip go search for it and dl then unzip the file to your desktop.
if it's skipping frames/lagging, then you have to quit most of your background processes (hit ctrl+alt+del and kill everything except explorer and systray). it will stop lagging if you have nothing else using system resources.