HL1 Ending


May 14, 2003
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hey im at the last part of HL1 and i just killed the main guy at nili but it just sits up there spining with the green lightning and the green balls flyin out of his head, wtf do i do, iv try'd jumping into one of the portals and iv try'd killin him again...im lost, was i not suppoed to destroy the yellow triangle things or something? oh and to mke this eligable for general dicussion who hinks that HL2 will drive hl1 to the grave?
plz answer my first problem first ty
if i remember correctly destroy all the triangles and hide behine the rocks..think you gotta shoot him in the eye or something also..its been along time so i cant remember.

(use gravity cheats if ya can)
no iv killed him already and he is just spinning up at the ceiling with the green lightning and green dots shootin out of his head, wut i dont know is wut im supposed to do now...is didnt wapr out of anything im just there with him spinning in the air and me holdin my dick
shoot him where the green things are coming out of...All i remember is that it took me like 20 minutes of shooting and hiding behind rocks to kill him...it takes a extremley long time to kill this guy thats all i remember
yes i destroyed them right off th bat then i hit him with everything i had in my inventory and he went to the ceiling with some old visual effects and started spinning witht he lighting and thedots an stuff
that shit happened to me too....i had godmode and noclip on an eventually i just gave up....

well, i obviously am no help! good luck buddy! :borg:
I like using the Hornet nest to kill this boss mainly because of it's unlimited ammo.

Step one: With anything, destroy all the orange crystals with anything but the hornet nest, Magnum works best for me.

Step two: When he throws the teleporting energy balls shoot them with the hornet, it makes them disapper. (Unless you want to keep in constant stock of ammo, but if you use the hornet the rest of the time it's not needed.)

Step three: Slowly, but surely, the orange orbs will disapper when you hit him enough, anywhere with flesh will count for right now.

Step Four: After he is so weak that he only shoots one blue orb at a time make your way to the top.

Step Five: Get all the way to the top of the level with the jump pads. When their take out your RPG launcher and go on the last pad.

Step Six: In 1-5 (I have not played him in a bit, I don't know how much it takes to hurt him.) shots from the launcher hit with the now exposed "inner-head" he will go into a spinning rage releasing teleports and orther fireworks.

Final Step: Sit back and relax and watch the over-grown thing die. You get transported automdicly, so just stand still and look around. Where you go from there is up to you.

But if it has been more than two minutes and nothing has happened, then you have one of the strangest glitches I have ever heard about. The only thing I can suggest is that you just try to reload the level and do it again.
cool i beat it...thing was i never went up and killed him form there... i saved my gluon cannon for last and jumped in at with jump things and was commin down in mid air beamin him with the pack o energy and finally transported to meet G-man...never knew that was his voice when he sya"its time to choose" lol