HL1 Oddities

May 15, 2003
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Ok, I know a lot of us have started playing half-life over again to pass the time. I thought I'd start a thread of strange happenings in HL1 that we've encountered - anything odd, humorous, or buggy. Any little tidbits you picked up on that might give us further insights into the plot would be very welcome as well.

Ok a couple little things from the beginning.

In the test chamber: If you pull the crystal out of the beam immediately after you insert it, an alien slave will transport into the test chamber (he follows you back). Be careful - you have nothing to kill him with.

At the end of the hazard course: Keep trying to get through the security door without using Barney. The PA announcer will tell you "access denied" in about 20 different ways. The last few are somewhat humourous. (I actually killed Barney and took out the sentries before doing this...but its probably not important).

When the scientists and Barnies get to talking some rather humourous conversations can ensue. My favorite is when several scientists get killed and the remaining one says "well, there goes our grant money'. Or when one of the military guys quips "is that all you've got!" AFTER being blown to bits by a grenade. Hearing them shout "medic!!" while being gibbed also brings a smile to my face.;)
Ooh hell I cant come up whit and now but I like yours !!

Plz keep going !!
heh i';ve got a great one

in Surface Tension, in the building where you have to use the jump-pod to get onto the roof and then down into the building and through it - Barney is in the top level, so you go along down through the building and anyway on the last door, where there is a dead Marine behind it...

walking up to the side of the door makes my health speed from my current health to 260, then from 0 and back again; forever. And since I have found that this effectively gives you lives, having tryed to kill myself and found I had to kill myself the same number of times it had run upto 260. :) [Btw it's also took ages to coerce Barney into following through the door]

theeee SUPER HEALER DOOR ! yeah :afro: