HL2 aliens



I'm very intersted to find out if anybody has dug any info on the HL2 aliens, especially the ones returning from HL.
The zoo were they have the models were partially shown tp the press but I havent heard much of what they got to see and no pictures.
So if anybody has any info than please post it here.
After this we moved to an area which Doug referred to as his Character Zoo, a series of rooms filled with enemies new and old. Reprising their role as cannon fodder are the Bullsquids and Head Crabs, although this time there's a whole family of the latter, ranging from the tiny to the unsettlingly large. Likewise, Zombies reappear, the symbiosis of the face-hugging Head Crabs and the hapless humans they infest, as do the ceiling hanging, string-on-a-mouth Barnacles, boasting incredibly detail with their multiple moving parts, which made them look little short of horrific. Apparently, there'll be more than 50 different enemies in all.
from http://www.computerandvideogames.com., or http://www.halflife2.net/forums/showthread.php?threadid=559
I wonder what the barnacles look like now, they were really kinda frightening in HL1...
Im guessing they will bring back all of the old HL enemies (not Op4 ones) It would be a bit weird if they didnt.

Barnacles will probably be so cool this time round. I wonder if they will still hang their tongue out or just let em down when their is an enemy in reach because if the A.I is so much better then its unlikely anything will run into them being as its so obvious by now that they arent ropes (I have to admit i fell for that the first time i saw one)
I wanna see those too. but also the "unsettling large" headcrabs will definetely be scary using the new A.I. man more than 50 enemies...... awesome
would i be right in saying HL had around 15 enemies, maybe 20 - so just imagine...50!!!wow
Well...including the mini-bosses...there's
1) Headcrab
2) Bullsquid
3) Barnacle
4) Xen Slave
5) Grunt
6) Controller
7) Marine grunt
8) Garg
9) Tentacle guy
10) Mini-headcrabs
11) Big Momma
12) Nihlanth(sp?)
13) Assassin
14) Ichy
That's all I can think of right now...any more?

Wow...how could I forget those?

P.S. I'm wondering if Valve is taking that 50 enemies as each skin. I.E. In HL1, there were multiple skins of marine grunts. Would they count each one, despite the fact that there's no difference between them?
well I hope that they wont take all the aliens from HL, just the best ones. As fun as it is to see old enemies I hope that they make new ones. The've shown that they are capable of making interesting enemies. But what would HL2 be without headcrabs, zombies, alien slaves, barnacles and bullsquids.
50 enemies. They could include ALL the old ones and still have 33 left over to create new ones.

I think that counting different variations of the same enemy as multiple enemy's would be really cheap, i doubt that they have done that. Possibly if the variant is like how the headcrabs were described Tiny - Vary large, but just the face of a grunt wouldn't warrant calling it a new enemy.
I'm gonna have nightmares about how scary the new Ichy's going to be....if it's in HL2, that is. Dear god, that would be pretty scary, considering how it scared the hell outta me the first time (I didn't mean to fall in the water and scrambled to try to get out, only to hear that damned loud noise from Ichy).

They have to add some new snarks, if only for me to say the word "snark" :D

God I want the snarks back. The snarks are awsome. I would also like to see a return for the weak houndeye :) the sound it makes freakes me out
Oh yeah Ichy, that brings bak memories. He must make a return. I was actually scared to go into the water in HL becuase of him.
Imagine the eye on one of those houndeyes in HL2.

The Ichys will probably give new people HL heart attacks if they havent been prepared by HL1.

I think gargs would be cool.

As an after thought. I think all the aliens would be cool!