HL2 disscussion!



Well, i have just recently bought alienwarecomputers... and i got this sweet video on HL2, im a huge fan on HL, and when i saw that face in the beginning of the movie that gamespy made, my face almost exploded becuase the smile and excitement was like:
:cheese: :eek: :bounce: all together..... now i cant wait any longer... days going on like 1 day for a year now.. its torchering me.... im getting 3 copys when it comes out for sure! i got 6 comps but only 3 can run hl2.
well any one else like me? keep on posting!
Yeah but still im dieing for it.... they should release a demo/test or ill go insane :***(
6 comps and ur buying 3 copies of the same game? .....................i better just close my mouth................
yeah 2 hp's 1 dell, 3 alienware computers.. hp's 600 each lol dell 1500.. alienware 2000 each...
And im only 13 years old....
Isnt that insane yall???
Hope fully i will work for valve.....
I have my own website too...
Go there..
Im only 13 years old....... im brent..
not to mention, i spent $1300 and my comp is better than any of urs :)

*REAL CASE (BLACK) 3G READY Tooless ATX Mid Tower Case with 400watt Power Supply
*Samsung SW-252BENB 52x24x52 Black CDRW Bulk
*Samsung 16X DVD Drive (BLACK)
*Apacer 1024MB DDR PC3200 RAM 32X8 MOSEL Original Chipset
*Intel Pentium 4 (800 FSB) Micro ATX Motherboard
*Intel Pentium 4 / 3.0CGHz 512k socket 478 Hyper Threading Technology 800 MHz FSB Processor
*Turtle Beach Voyetra Santa Cruz 6-Speaker DSP Audio Accelerator Sound Card
*ATI RADEON 9800 PRO 128MB DVI/TV 8X AGP Video Card
just wondering, i mean if u use em, god bless ya, just curious
I got 6 becuase.... i dont know why... just like upgrading, buying new things?
guinny i got better comps than u.......
same exact stuff as u but with 120 gig 7200rpm hard drive
and 1gig of ram! " Corsair! "
Any one check out my web site??
its sweet yeah?..
not really just spent like 2 days on it..
do u know how much 1 gig of ram is...1000 mb...if i have 1024...i think i beat u, not to mention corsair means nothing :). and yes of course u beat me gig wise, but i rarely use hd space, hell, i have 50 gigs left and i dl a ton of shit lol
i used 40 and have like 70 gigs left.. i DL a whole lotta Sh!t

Any one wanna play cs?
websites nice, ur brother or whoever could use some work. however u promote cheating and hacking, which, in my book, is lame and gay.
Oh yeah hey corsair means its MORE reliable than any other ram..
i got 1gig of DDR ram " Corsair "
I know this much and im only 13 years old... man i might be smart when i grow up..
do u have any programming/modelling/skinning/coding skills?
No not really i just like making scripts to see if they work...
Imma programmer/game/mod/website designer....
pretty good for a 13 year old ehh????
actually, if u really tested anything at all, corsair ram was proven to be just as if not under par compared to DDR 400 apacer, or any other company
programmer requires some type of knowledge in C++ or something of the kind :)
So, the guy at fry's electronics must be stupid..
never trust any one at a store besides ( you ) :)
well well....i got 2.0 ghz P4, 256 mb SDRAM, 50 gig 7200 hard drive, creative labs sound something(not sure) and GeForce MX 420. aBEAT THAT BIATCH'S!!! :)

and by the way do think my system will play hl2?
Yeah i got C++ skills PHP skills and a whole lotta other skills..
dont for get im only 13...
no, the guy at apacer is smart, smarter than me, much smarter than u. ill believe him, especially since he showed me test results
maybe.. may i suggest gforce 4 ti 4600 128 ram to play it better..
tron yea ur system will run hl2 with full. except for ur vid card :) time to get a 128 mb card.
Oh yeah just in.. well sorta im going to get 180 gig 15000 RPM HARD DRIVE BEAT DAT SUCKAS :)
who would want to beat that if they didnt need it? it seems to me ur going through the "I NEED EVERYTHING TOP OF THE LINE" stage of your life. youll soon learn the value of a dollar, and stop wasting good money on senseless products
Well when i make 200 dollars a day and parents rich... i dont care wut i get when i get it..
lucky u :) its a shame all that good money is being wasted
Im saving up for :
Lambergenni, or how ever u spell it... Or
Corvette or
camero.. :)