Hl2 Fps


May 22, 2003
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make an estimated guess based on your system specs on what you think your HL2 fps will be with the highest settings.

Athlon XP 2400+ $98.00
Abit-Kd7 motherboard $87.50
Crucial Micron 512mb PC2700 RAM $124.00 (for TWO 512 sticks)
Antec 430W True Power Supply $82.99
Radeon 9800 pro 128 meg $395.00
Western Digital 120 gig special edition $121.00
Lite On 52x24x52 CDRW Drive $43.00
Sony DDU1621 DVD-Rom Drive Black $39.00
Hercules GameSurround Fortissimo III 7.1 $46.00
3.5" Floppy Drive $11.00
Vantec's Aeroflow CPU cooler $32.00

Total w/o case- $1079.49

my guess is 80-100fps, if im right then i will....uhhhh.....mastu..NO uhhh, i will give myself a cookie.

i know that my fps is not going to be below 60 since it was said u can get 10-20fps with a 700MHz machine and an old ass d video card.
hm...i bought a machine right now i would go with :

AMD 2800+ = 210
A7N8x-DX reversion 2=126
IMB 180GXP 60GB HD = 80
Sapphire 9700 OC'd to 9700PRO = 245
all the lil stuff = free(step-dad gots the rest)

55 to 90 FPS in hl2 = Priceless.

:cheers: m8 as u "chaps" would say :p
With my current system (see sig), I'd probably get low to mid 40s depending what's on screen. My video card would be holding my performance back.

With my future upgrades... Corsair TWINX512-3200LL 512 MB and GeForceFX 5900 128MB 256-bit version I'd most likely/hopefully be hitting triple digits :bounce: :dork:
radeon 9800 pro is gonna handel the game better i think....i believe it was said its the best possible card for the game....but i hope the 5900 in improved compared to the 5600 and 5800, then it will probly handel just as well
You wont get a lot of performance because of 2.0ghz processor, the E3 demo was run at 3.0GHZ and 1024 RAM..so my guess is you will get aroun 30+fps :$
they were also at an insanly high resolution, least thats what they said. im planing on running it at 1024x768, which is what i have set for most of my games. btw a new game coming out that cant get more than 30fps on a 2.0+ Ghz machine with 1024 ddr ram, and an ati radeon 9800 pro is unbelievable....that would mean that like a billion people wouldnt buy it because there new system cant handle it.... and another reason i dont believe that is because they said you can actually play HL2 ona 700 Mhz machine with an old video card and get 10-15 fps.....add my specs and that other guys which are both like 50 billion times better, with only a 15 fps rise....i doubt it, i doubt it a lot. but owell, who knows.

*EDIT didnt someone say that like umm the recomended setting were 2.0 GHz+ ill die before recomended specs arnt 50fps or higher.

but anywho, lets have a beer:cheers:
im expecting it will run pretty nice on my 3 ghz system with radeon 9700
with the computer i have right now i will have li 1-15 fps :D maybe 20 if i look into the ground in a small room
haha then you can just look down all the time and hit the baddies on the feet with the crowbar :cheese:
i dont know why were all worrying, in fact im not going to anymore. My HL2 fps will be fine. Right now i have a 1.7 GHz machine with 512 SDRAM and a geforce 4 ti 4200. I run hl at a constant 99.9-100.0fps, and i run bf1942 at 70-100 fps. Just using bf1942 as an example i think i could actually get like 30-40fps with the system im using now, but ill have my new pc mid september, and thats 2.4 GHz, 1024 ddr ram, radeon 9800 pro 256. By HL2 september 30 or later i might even add 2 more 512 sticks of RAM and have 2gigs ddr ram. if any game (even ones that didnt come out yet) at all cant run on a system like the new one im getting, it would be, probly, a catastrophe, the world would explode. 100 people would be able to play hl2 if that happend. but no, thats improbable. fireball your system will run HL2 perfectly, my new system will run HL2 perfectly, jager you wil probly get more than 40fps. sure i dont know anything about the specs except that it can run on a 700MHz machine, if it can run at all on a 700MHz machine, it will run like a dream for the people that have posted their specs in this thread. i have just been thinking about it a lot, and im not worried anymore.
Yeah guys just look at the computer they played HL2 with at the E3.... I dont think that Ridic needs to worrie..
The announcer in the Tech Demo said "these are the sort of graphics we can expect on a platform like the Radeon 9800 pro." Running a 3ghz system with 1024 ram and a card similar to the 9800 and getting graphics like those, at such a high resolution, at maximum detail (I assume), with no lag.

Now run it at 1024x768 on "acceptable" settings on a 2ghz machine with decent ram and a decent card, I doubt you'll get much if any lag at all. You guys are being too paranoid, they made the game so that it could be acessable to fans of the original, Valve said so themselves.

Also I caught a glimse of some 'recommended' specs on one of thems pre-order sites. 2ghz - 256ram - GF4 lvl card. Not too much to ask :bounce:

:cheers: m8
Why does anyone wants to play a game in a resolution that is higher then 1024 x 768, its sick.
I agree evil, there is no point unless you have the tech to do so. Although when i get my radeon 9800 i wont put it past 1024 x 768 because there is no reason too.
As Long as my machine can pump out 60fps + with 4x AA and 4x Ant. at 1024x768x32 then I'm Happy.
i dont think anyone with over 1.5 GHz and 512 RAM with a gforce4 or up has to worry.