HL2 keeps freezing



Okay, so I'm at the part where the big huge ant lion boss dude is after you and you have to kill him. Everytime I try and play that level my game always freezes. It's really starting to piss me off. Anyone know why this might be happening?
/me slaps SilentKilla

I think you'll find hes joking ;)
hug ur computer it will get hot and unfreeze, u could also try to hug the ant lion , but thats a bug wich will be resolved in the leaked beta :x
Type in "T.H.I.S.I.S.A.J.O.K.E" in the console :cheese: :cheese:
It's probably because of the antlion's weapon: freeze stare. It ruins your computer, so you can't see it come up and eat you. My suggestion for fixing it: kill the antlion earlier!
I heard that if you kill all the scientists and security guards you automatically beat the game.
omg, im a zombie!! I aint a headcrab anymore!!! I have achived success in the HL2 world already
take it easy bud i know you are eager to be someone but you are now post after post posting on top of even yourself! i dont particularly mind but im sure some people will be annoyed by your course of action in the near future...

just something to mull over
yeah, killa, just use the edit button to add to your first post.
a good ole coat of human excrement on your motherboard not only will unfreeze your game, it will also make your computer run faster! Why you may ask, heres why:

Urine is an electrolyte. Electrolytes conduct electricity, so do computers. If you piss all inside your box it will conduct faster, making your PC run faster*

*In the case above, run faster means catch on fire and explode.
i bought a AlienWare computer to solve my problems :cool: 2.5 gigs, 512 mb ram, soon to be 1 gig, Geforce 4 Ti4600. Leet comp.
ouch you shoulda let me know i coulda built ya the same on for under a $1000 probably..lol
AlienWare does have a really nice look on thier chassis,
really love the alien head !

yea, alienware PCs are incredibly expensive, but also incredibly nice. Only problem is the majority of your money goes to a color coordinated mouse/monitor/box/keyboard. Im sure you could built your own PC for a fraction of the cost of an alienware, but there is a certain bragging right one gets when they purchase a 3000$ computer hehehe
yeah, we got everything cyborg green, looks 1337, i think it is free to get the case the color you want, but you have to pay to get the mouse and keyboard a color, but we knew some 1.
they also get "i just paid half what you paid and my specs are higher let me make fun of you" rights.....

because while i dont yet have a new monitor, i bought my whole rig for under 1200USD

AMD Athlon 2700+
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe (with nforce 2)
1 gb PC 3500 DDR RAM (2 x 512)
ATI Radeon 9700 PRO
280 GB 7200 8 MB cache (maxtor 160, WD 120)
MS Wireless Suite
dvdrw 4x, cdrw 52x24x52

yep, under 1200!
Hey Pajama Sam, you like my sig? Hehe, you inspired it, for it was one of the funniest theories iv'e ever heard.:afro:

Urine is an electrolyte. Electrolytes conduct electricity, so do computers. If you piss all inside your box it will conduct faster, making your PC run faster
-Pajama Sam
Run around your computer 150 times, and he will die!

...but dont forget to have a banana up your ass..
Ya mine freezes to, right after you selected your level in console
it starts loading, i can walk around in 5-6 secs then it freezes really weird, or maby sooner if a headcrab jumps on me ....
but well its the best beta iwe seen, yes guys its a beta not alpha