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May 26, 2003
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I've heard a lot of people speaking about CS2 and other mods for HL2, none of which have been verified, but do you think mods for it will take over? Or do you think that a Half-Life 2 deathmatch will prevail over all due to the game's superb engine. Personally i'd like to see a healthy mixture of the two, I can hardly find a decent HL Deathmatch server, and I have about 1000x more fun on them then I do on a CS server. Discuss.
for the first few months of its release people will most likely play HL2 (because there wont be any mods). after a few mods come out who knows. it all depends on what Valve has in store for us w/ HL2 multi
I agree with Bonanzaguy, first few months will be all HL2. But i doubt that Valve will be able to keep people playing Multiplayer HL2 no matter how good the multiplayer ends up being. Why?
Because people get bored, and I doubt that Valve will have the time and resources to keep adding new ways of keeping the HL2 multiplayer going. It will get dominated by Mods, its just a question of when.
Some people like deathmatch but most of the DM people are not playing HL DM because there are so many similar deathmatch games that are newer (better graphics etc etc). JK2 and UT2k3 come to mind but there are countless by now.
I think a similar thing will happen. Everyone will play HL2 DM for a while even after the mods come out until there are newer games with everything HL2 DM has to offer with even more improvements in whatever area.

Even though I enjoy DM, I do love a good mod, however unfortunately, even with the endless possibilities of HL2 and its engine, I think its going to be difficult to get a mod which the community REALLY wants.
Originally posted by Alzxul
I think its going to be difficult to get a mod which the community REALLY wants.

Its difficult in any game to create a Mod the community loves. There will be plenty of crap Mods, I mean there is plenty of crap mods for HL1 right now. But with HL2 there will be a much bigger Mod community to start with, and that can potentially mean VERY good Mods very early.
hopefully your right about that The Mullinator