HL2 Wallpaper



Because im such a cool dude :afro:

I have made the community a very nice desktop wall paper:


Its at a huge resolution, but ill post back when I have done the image at other resolutions. The white thing on the right is so u can place ur desktop icons on it, like in this picture:


If you do use my pictures please post here, I would like to know if I have wasted my time or not :)

*PS* There are more pictures done by me at:

OMG! h4x! :p

wow very nice wallpaper :)

/me saves it to HD :)

*moved* to the art section :eek:
sorry about posting in general, didnt know there was an artwork forum
ehh deviant.. try to post links next time. so we have a choise to load up these wallpapers instead of it being foced upon us. this is very annoying for the 56k modemers
OMG that background is kewl love teh colours looks very nice
pld :sniper:
i would be in 1600x1280 but my monitor wont support it :flame:

please make a 1024x768
All you have to do is set your wallpaper to stretch. It'll compress it down to your resolution w/o making it look like crap.
Nice wallpaper.
EDIT: Thank you for clearing that up, Jager. I hadn't heard of the webpage, so I just assumed. My bad. No means to stir up a commotion.

Originally posted by Vertigo
Nice wallpaper, though I have one question...
Deviant = Valved Ray? Because both of you use the same domain for your images, so uh,yeah. Is this your backup guy for when you get banned or something?
(Ray used: "http://images.deviantart.com/large/pixelart/pixeldark/alyxstrueface.jpg" for a very disturbing picture, hence why I think they're the same)
P.S. In any case, not bad wallpaper

deviantART is website where people display their art. Deviant is not Valved Ray. They just both happen to upload their images there.
Looks nice.. I think I can do better :X
If it compresses the lines running diagonaly screw up.
oki oki oki, as promised ill do it all in a diffrent resolutions, just gimme the resolutions u want it at and its all yours

oh and Evil, if u can do another which is better, ill try and beat that \o/
oki after a good hour in sorting out the resolutions and getting each to look right here they are:

All the requested resolutions (please only choose the one you are currently using I am hosting it on my own bandwith atm)

Please Select Your Resolution:

i asked what resolutions people wanted it on, and i got no reply off the forums, so i went to IRC, where i got a request for all those resolutions. If you want it at such a small resolution, tuff :p

sucks to be a minority dont it
i never said i used it... i was saying what about the people who do
good math, but you should add in 1 extra round, just because.:cheese:
Personnally, I'd shoot them out of pitty, having to put up with a resolution where you can't see anything, must be stupidly hard on there standard of living, and the cost of the round would be a price worth paying to save a soul! :p