HL2 will anyone still want HL1 Mods?

Dont worry, people will still have their HL1-mods installed for a long while. Until all of the bigest mods (CS, DOD, etc) or other new ones comes out on the HL2-engine, and that might take a while.
I dunno, I've seen people who say they're gonna stick with the original no matter what but the original eventually dies out anyways because no one is left to play. Can't give you an example but I know I've seen it before.
Halflife one will always be there for people with low end systems ;)
I wonder how easy it will be for modders to convert their HL mods to HL2? Will the new Hammer, for example, be able to import HL1 Hammer maps?
Doubt it, probably going to have to start all over again from the beginning. New graphics engine.
Eventually HL1 will die..A year after the release of hl2 probably only cs servers will still be up and thats about it.

The main reason alot of people are even still playing HL and mods is because they have always had something to look forward to(hl2)...And if HL2 someone sux in multiplayer which i doubt, %80 of the people that leave hl2 wont go back to HL1
It may be possible to port your maps over to half-life 2, afterall the new hammer is just a modification of the old worldcraft/hammer. Not sure if your entity modifications will be that easy to switch over though. I would suggest getting it out as soon as possible. All this half-life hype has got me playing again. I'm playing through half-life, I've been playing around in WC with some of my own unfinished maps, I've been downloading lots of single player levels (Azure Sheep is quite good)...heck I've even reinstalled Blue Shift! The demand for all things Half-life is through the roof at the momment, we need something to tide us over. So throw it out there...who knows, it might become a classic.