How many people are willing to play HL2 multiplayer....



....when CS2 is out?

Hmm, kinda hard to word this question but what im curious to find out many people here who perhaps play CS or other games online competatively will think about playing HL2 online serious?

just curious on finding out how big the demand and community for it would be tbh :>

personally....... I CANNAE FOOKING WAIT :-D

Welcome the forums, by the way. :E
Of course I'll play HL2 multiplyer (whatever it is)! If it's any good I'll continue playing it for a while, too.

Although I prefer team-oriented games like CS and TFC to deathmatch.
I will, there is no way in hell I will miss HL2 multiplayer with physics, cars, etc.! But single player comes first.
It really depends on what the multiplayer type is. If it is like it is now, I'll probably play HL2 multiplayer until a FREE mod comes out (not CS2). If the multiplayer type is good, I'll def play it a lot.

Edit: As Mr. Reak said though, no multiplayer or interaction with people who play HL2 until I finish the single player, lol.
Originally posted by Mr.Reak
I will, there is no way in hell I will miss HL2 multiplayer with physics, cars, etc.! But single player comes first.

Yeah, Single Player and anything related to that, then on to Multiplayer. Whatever it is, it will be awesome 'cause of the vehicles and physics.
oooh thx :>

oh and erm......if anyone wants to get a feel for the HL1 multiplayer scene before hl2 arrives...... then check out ! :E biggest hldm league going :---D
People will play it when they finish the single player game, and are waiting for mods to come out. Soon as CS and DOD and NS catch up they will turn it off.

Deathmatch is boring and nowadays people want more from a mp game.
Ok, well what about if the multiplayer for hl2 was a team based style? tdm for instance?
the reason i ask this really is to get an idea of the potential for hl2 leagues etc :>

forget about ffa for second ;O
I won't be getting in any leagues. I don't have time to meet every day at certain times for a clan or somethin. I just play for fun.
deathmatch bores me a little, but just messing around with physics etc will keep me going until a co-op mod comes out.. and maybe a team based mod.

Then i'm gonna buy TF2, cause i'm certain you will have to buy it.

If it's free, better for me!
I will definitely buy TF2, not CS2 though. The possibilities for TF2 are just unreal
I'll for sure be playing HL2's MP after completing SP, but will I still play it after CS2 comes out? I'll answer that as soon as I've played the two. Who knows, someone might come out with a MP mod better than HL2 and CS2.
I started to get pissed when i saw the title, I was like "Who wouldnt play it?!" but I was wrong.
HL2 deathmatch should be more solid than HL1 deathmatch. The movement model is probably more refined, it will likely move at a slower pace, and it will likely have many physics-oriented parts of levels (stuff that falls on ppl, and things that can be thrown with the manipulator). Just watching the videos can kind of give you a sense of what deathmatch might be like, the weapons seem to have more "oomph" than HL1 weapons do. And it'd better have Team DM, I've played about 20 minutes of HLDM, total, it got boring really fast for me. I'll be willing to play, but only if it feels more like the SP game than HL DM did.
Hehe, I wouldn't miss the chance to camp in a dark corner with a radiator ready to launch on my manipulator:cheers:
Hopefully in your case there's a way to darken that glow that it emits.
I will be playing it daily. even making maps and getting involved in a clan. Games like cd and tf are just so incredibly boring ughh. I just wanna have a mattress fight. :dork:
Hehehe $niper... i was kind of hinting towards that :)

Can't wait for SvenCoop2 (i loved svencoop 1... although i never got to play it as much as i wished :()
I really don't know. Im a big fan of cs because I like the gameplay of one team camps the other attacks. Im also not too thrilled about the manipulator in multiplayer. To me it seems like the gun is there just to show off the physics. But as long as its just as fast as the first one it should be fun. I'm sort of guessing that its somthing more than deathmatch, other words they would have told us about by now i would think. I'll play it, at least while waiting for cs scrims if it is just ok.
Cheaters ruined CS for me forever. I would much rather play HL2 multiplayer.

I just pray to GOD ABOVE that Valve has disabled the windows key in game this time!!!
I will try Hl2 Mp for sure...
but Cs2, i rather burn in hell... TWICE...

Screw Single player, im getting it FOR the multiplayer.
We can always hope that HL2 will come with TF2 multiplayer. Or maybe eventually it will be...