How many players in MP possible?



Has any info on how many players the engine will support in multiplayer?
Bummer, was hoping for more. I was planning a MMOG-mod (however substituting "Massively" with "Many") of sorts, with about a hundred players at once at all time.
It is possible. You just need multiple servers and have a serverhopping feature. For example, you go down a street and into a building. You check to see if the server running the map that would normally switch to that in MP has any open public slots, if it does you just walk into a portal and you'll join that server and start where you came from. It's integrated into the original HL engine in RoleplayHL, it's called Serverhopping. So if you can get enough servers to run the city, you could have one game running, but if you get multiple server sets you could have the equivalent of a multi-server MMPORG.
We still know next to nothing about multiplayer ;( Could be 6 players, could be 600 we just don't know.
Wow, thats amazing - pretty much, EXACTLY, what Im looking for! :bounce: Thanks for the input, 2ltben

Btw, you seem to possess unique knowledge when it comes to the HL2-engine? Where did you read up on this? I havent been able to find much describing the techs of it, unfortunately. Perhaps you have some links ready? Im especially interested in RoleplayHL.
the forums are very interesting, join them if you dare, but if you post in the Suggestions forumed you'll receive Big Flaming No's.

doesn't Battlefield 1942 allow up to 128 players? Any idea how they manage to do that in a fps without too much lag? Does hosting a battlefield game just take an insane server comp and a really good broadband connection?
battlefield can only handle 64 players.
and even then you need an awesome machine running on a monster pipe..

So I guess if you have a max of 20 players, that you could maybe have 50 or 60ish low grade ai entities wandering through a map without too much lag? Every AI sends out tracers to determine where to move, does the travers have a significant drain on the cpu and if so could pre-scripted routes be assigned to lessen cpu work?

Am I the only person around here who passionatly hates multiplyer, unless its has a decent storyline, which you play through? (kinda like single player!:p) I guess i am soured by the fact that I dont have broardband OR the internet on my good PC!!! :afro: