How much do you use your computer?

May 24, 2003
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Im just wondering how much time people spend on their computer. I would like people to be honest rather than the answers people normally give when they dont want to sound to geeky.

EDIT: Forgot to say how much i do it. I would say maybe 2 - 3 hours a day unless i havea full day of college in which case a max of 2 hours. Thats kind of an average because some days i dont even go on the comp but then others i go on it all day.
lol...basicly all day, but i'm goin college soon, so that will all change :(
I think the fact that the plugs glowing in colours not yet invented would seem to surgest an unhealthy amount of time...

/me removes the cable from the back of his head that connects him directly into the computer, and goes out side to see how much the world has changed since the last time he went out side....

wow, you mean that horsedrawn carrages can move without the horses now...goovy :p
I use the computer from around 1:00 PM to . . . 1:00 AM at the least.

You know what? I think my eyes glow in the dark.
Mine is on nearly 24 hours a day. I spend most of my time when im at home in the same room as it but im not always at it. Cant really tell how long i spend on it. Probably too much like everyone esle.
Go the pub or to a club. If your old enough that is. . . . or not:)
I teach computing to folks all day at work, then on mine all night till the early hours. Generally spend weekends away from them, at a club or pub.

When I turn the lights out at night, there's a black square in my vision where the screen used to be :eek:

Originally posted by 82ross
Go the pub or to a club. If your old enough that is. . . . or not:)

Oh I'm old enough alright.
And I do go now and then.
But right now I'm so utterly broke. :(
Well my parents say "too much". My little brother say "too much" and my little sister say "too much" I`ll say too much...I cant stop though...
In the weekend 6 - 10 hours a day (reading (game)forums, chatting(often irc) , (online)gaming etc. etc. )

In a normal college day, 2 - 4 hours a day

you probably gonna say: get a life geek or something like that

yeah but at least I am honest